BIM Services India offers Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services to construction companies, architects and engineers ensuring them to have a clear perception of the entire project. The objective of presenting the much-needed clarity in construction is to ensure that a perfect beginning and uninterrupted progress of the project.

BIM Services India aim is to assist the construction industry raise productivity while decreasing project costs by using the BIM Modeling, allowing us to develop an industry benchmark against which all other capital projects utilizing 3D modeling organizations are measured.

BIM Modeling Services we offer:

1) 3D – Building with accurate 3D BIM Models dimensions for all trades and services
• Control and run BIM coordination meetings
• Run clash detection and coordination
2) 4D – Time Components – Project Planning and Scheduling incorporated in BIM Model
3) 5D – Cost Components – 3D BIM Models enabled to do cost estimation and quantity take-offs:
• Help prepare a standard BIM Model with all the necessary details incorporated
• Develop 3D model using elements that counterpart in shape and size per items requirements
• Populating model elements with all the necessary benefits of cost and quantity
4) 2D Conceptual and Submittal Drawings
5) Architectural Walkthroughs and Animation
6) 3D Software Development
7) Aiding BIM Models with cost intelligence for quantity take-offs

BIM Architecture Services
• Complete 3D Architecture modeling from 2D drawings and sketches as per the client’s requirements
• Detailed Construction Documentation
• Schematic and Design Development Documents from AutoCAD Drawings
• As-build drawings

BIM Services:
• 3D BIM Model by converting 2D construction drawings
• BIM models for associated with construction such as Architects, Structural, and MEP Consultants
4D BIM and 5D BIM for time and Quantity take-offs
• BIM Content Creation
• Clash Identification

BIM plays a significant role in developing a 3D Model which is required by Architects, Builders, Contractors as well as clients to access the complete details of the project. Scan to BIM Conversion is yet another aspect of the BIM Modeling which is gaining prominence in the construction industry.

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