MEP BIM Services

We engineer MEP BIM Modeling solutions that stand the test of time and support your project at every stage, from initial planning and design to seamless installation and efficient facility management. Our MEP BIM Services result in clash free MEP BIM models that adhere strictly to international codes and standards, ensuring precision and compliance throughout your project's lifecycle.









Code Compliant MEP BIM Modeling Services

When it comes to MEP BIM Modeling Services, our track record speaks volumes. Our seasoned MEP BIM specialists have worked on hundreds of global MEP BIM projects for nearly two decades.

Our team is not only skilled and experienced in HVAC BIM Services, but we also ensure that we work according to the applicable building guidelines and regulations for your project’s location. Our models perfectly align with the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing building codes. MEP BIM coordination is our forte, we perform interference checks that are laser-focused, eliminating clashes and bottlenecks for seamless collaboration and peace of mind. Our models also support the extraction of MEP shop drawings, which make fabrication easy.

Our data driven approach and resilience to deliver premium MEP BIM Services makes us the preferred MEP Outsourcing Company for our clients in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Our MEP BIM Services

We have a BIM solution for everything

MEP BIM Modeling Services

We seamlessly transform CAD drawings or scan data into precise 3D BIM models at LODs of 100–500.Our skilled BIM modelers and engineers specialize in creating highly detailed 3D models for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems.

MEP Shop Drawing Services

Achieve project success with our MEP Shop Drawing Services, meticulously tailored to meet your needs. Our accurate and detailed drawings, including penetration, pipe spool, coordination, and as-built, strictly adhere to the applicable building standards and codes. Ideal for contractors and prefabricators.

MEP BIM Coordination

Our expert team empowers designers, architects, and engineers to swiftly spot and resolve clashes between disciplines, ensuring a seamless construction journey. Coordination using cutting-edge BIM software like Navisworks and Revit leaves no room for costly conflicts. This translates to invaluable time and budget savings.

MEP Clash Detection

Our top-tier MEP Clash Detection Solutions are designed to effortlessly uncover clashes within your architectural, MEP, and structural components. Our advanced technology not only detects hard, soft, and workflow clashes but also pinpoints any issues within the MEP sub-disciplines. We bring you precision and efficiency, ensuring a smoother construction journey.

Mechanical Shop Drawings

We have an expert team of BIM engineers and modelers who produce mechanical shop drawings. This includes mechanical elements such as HVAC ducts, cooling towers, heating systems, etc. Our output has all the necessary details, such as materials and dimensions, to help ensure safety and quality.

Electrical Shop Drawings

Empower your projects with our unparalleled Electrical Shop Drawings. Engineers and contractors trust us as the top choice for premium electric shop drawings. Our expert team crafts quality drawings for various electrical elements, from Elevators and Lighting to Cable Trays, Panels, Switchboards, and Transformers.

Plumbing Shop Drawings

Trust our team to deliver the best plumbing shop drawings, ensuring easy and accurate fabrication and installation of plumbing components. From Piping Systems to Drainage, Garbage Disposal, and Waste Carrier, our detailed drawings leave no detail overlooked.

MEP Revit Family Creation

We specialize in crafting standardized and parametric Revit families, backed by over a decade of experience in BIM projects. Our team of Revit experts seamlessly integrates tailor-made BIM elements into your virtual design and construction models. Covering HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire-fighting components.

Quantity take-offs

Unlock the potential of data-rich 3D models meticulously crafted to enhance scheduling, costing, and quantity take-offs. Our experts ensure precision and efficiency, empowering you to navigate projects seamlessly.

MEP BIM Project - BCR

MEP BIM Modeling, Architectural and Structural BIM Modeling in LOD 350, MEP Clash Detection for existing and new buildings.


Some Distinct Advantages of Outsourcing MEP BIM Services to Us:

01 Proven Expertise

With 16 years of experience and a global presence, our MEP BIM Services have a track record of success in over 5000 projects across 25 countries.

02 Precision and Accuracy

Our team is renowned for delivering MEP BIM models that set the standard for precision, reducing errors and costly revisions.

03 Compliance Assurance

We simplify compliance, ensuring that your MEP BIM models align perfectly with all relevant codes and standards.

04 Cost-Effective Solutions

BIM Services India provides budget-friendly MEP BIM solutions that maintain quality without a hefty price tag.

05 On-Time Delivery

We're dedicated to keeping your project on schedule and meeting deadlines without compromising on the quality of our work.

06 Client Satisfaction

Trust us to not only meet but exceed client expectations, earning us repeat business and enthusiastic referrals.

07 Global Reach

Our services and experience span the globe, making us your reliable partner no matter where your project is located.

08 Innovative Approach

We embrace cutting-edge BIM technology and methodologies, staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

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