MEP BIM Modeling Services

We provide comprehensive MEP BIM Modeling Services that can be utilized throughout the project’s lifecycle from planning and designing to fabrication, assembly and installation to facility management. Our MEP BIM models are clash free and are always in accordance to international codes and standards.

MEP BIM Services

HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Revit BIM Services

BIM Service India provides intelligent and integrated Revit BIM Services that helps construction companies navigate operational risks, increase global competitiveness and drive performance improvements. We apply data driven strategies to deliver bespoke building design solutions that enable our clients get ahead of the curve.

Our experienced team applies their in-depth industry knowledge to execute complex and large scale MEP projects with nano-precision. We always ensure that MEP BIM models are compliant of all the HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing building codes applicable according to the specific project location. We are also experts in providing BIM Coordination Services that can be used to run interference checks and create clash free BIM models that enhance coordination between all parties involved. Our MEP BIM Services also include the extraction of MEP Shop Drawings for the seamless functioning of the building.

Our Revit BIM
Services Includes

Revit MEP

CAD to MEP BIM Conversion Services

We can effectively convert 2D drawings into 3D MEP models in quick time and at competitive prices. Our 3D models accurately depict routing, placement, etc. of various Electrical, plumbing, HVAC BIM Services and fire protection components.

Quantity take-off

We have an expert team of BIM engineers and technicians who can create data-rich 3D models which can aid in scheduling, costing and quantity take-offs. Our MEP BIM Modeling Services have been used by global clients for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Clash Detection

We at, BIM Services India excel in conducting interference checks, extracting clash reports and providing concrete clash resolution solutions. We adhere to a holistic approach that ensures that there are no inter or intra discipline clashes in the final 3D model.

BIM Coordination

At BIM Services India we as provide precise BIM Coordination solutions which can be used to detect clashes within the MEP discipline I.e. plumbing, electrical. HVAC etc. as well as between MEP elements and the architectural and structural elements. Our accuracy and proficiency ensures that there are no unidentified clashes in the model which could lead to budget and time overruns.

MEP Shop Drawing Services

We offer detailed and high precision MEP Shop Drawing Services which includes penetration drawings, pipe spool drawings, coordination drawings and as-built drawings. Our MEP Drawings are always delivered specific, standardized and specific to the codes. Our Revit Drafting Solutions can be utilized by general contractors, MEP contractors, builders etc.


Advantages of MEP BIM Services

  • MEP BIM Modeling detects any interferences in the designing phase leading to increased cost efficiency and reduced rework.
  • BIM enables MEP engineers, contractors, technicians and all the stakeholders involved in the project to better collaborate and communicate.
  • MEP BIM also facilitates the extraction of bill of material, cost & quantities leading to a smooth field execution of the project.
  • The data rich BIM model provides access to a vast amount of information regarding the MEP systems of the buildings like plumbing pipe locations, electrical panel schedule, HVAC equipment type etc.

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