Structural BIM Services

Navigating around the challenges of Structural Engineering, improve on site productivity and communication with our BIM models. Unlock faster project completion and huge potential cost reduction. Let us empower your project with our proven Structural BIM Services.









Structural BIM Services

At BIM Services India, we identify exactly what your project needs, our structural Revit models are tailor made translating your design into a powerful tool for better coordination on site. For nearly two decades, we have served our clients in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia in executing projects with ease.

Our Structural BIM Services signify high level of detailing required for fabrication of components and on-site installation. We ensure that the designs are validated while we create 3D models to ensure less redundancy during construction. Our quality centric approach with planned and time bound execution makes us one of the most consistent Structural BIM Companies in India.

With a global foothold, we have emerged as strong players in the field of Structural BIM Modeling Services. Trusted by Steel fabricators, Structural Design firms, and Contractors for their residential, commercial and industrial structure projects, our Structural BIM Services elevate project outcomes.

Our BIM Structural Services

We have a BIM solution for everything

Structural BIM Modeling

Crafting comprehensive BIM Structural models that encompass vital components, from foundations and beams to columns, trusses, anchor bolts, and purlins. Our proficiency spans across LOD 100 through LOD 500, catering to diverse needs like fabrication and as-built models.

Structural Quantity Takeoff

Our expert team extracts comprehensive takeoffs and schedules from your structural models. These invaluable resources empower you to streamline material orders, optimize manpower planning, and enhance your project's cost-efficiency.

Structural Steel Shop Drawings

We leverage cutting-edge technology to extract detailed drawings from our comprehensive Structural BIM Models. Every drawing we provide adheres meticulously to industry steel detailing standards, guaranteeing compliance and precision.

Structural BIM Project - BCR Liberia

Structural BIM Modeling, Architectural and MEP BIM Modeling in LOD 350, MEP Clash Detection for existing and new buildings.


Outsourcing Structural BIM Services to us will give you these advantages:

01 Improved Collaboration

Our structural BIM services give your entire project team the ability to work on a single, centralized BIM model for better collaboration.

02 Superior visualization

By providing an all-angle view, our 3D models help to get an enhanced view of the structural elements, making it easier to visualize any modifications.

03 Structural Mapping

Our precise 3D Structural BIM models help to avoid possible collisions between structural and other building systems, any issues can be easily rectified in the virtual model.

04 Accurate Quantity takeoffs

Our Structural BIM models enable precise quantity take-offs, aiding in accurate cost estimation, budget control, and procurement planning.

05 Sustainability

Our Structural BIM models are useful for evaluating the environmental impact of the structure and help to meet sustainability goals.

06 Enhanced Productivity

Our Revit Structural Services automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time and effort for more productive activities, ultimately enhancing efficiency.

07 Improved Safety

We conduct thorough structural analysis to ensure the safety and stability of the building.

08 Code compliance

We construct BIM models in accordance with the building codes and guidelines of your project's location, ensuring adherence to regulations.

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