Structural BIM Modeling Services

Our Structural BIM Modeling Services accurately represent the dimensions and placements of steel components in the building design. We have thorough quality checks in place that ensure that the final deliverables are in compliance with the required codes and of high quality. Additionally, the shop drawings extracted from our error free 3D model lead to a smooth fabrication, assembly and installation process.
Structural BIM Services

Standardized and Detailed Structural BIM Services

At BIM Service India we offer high-quality Structural BIM Services with comprehensive expertise that helps our clients get an edge over their competition. Since we started in 2007, we have over the last 16 years worked with renowned AEC firms and enabled them to enhance their operational efficiency by eliminating onsite errors and increasing their profit margins.

Our BIM Structural Services signify a high level of detailing required for fabrication of components and on-site installation. Our Structural BIM models allow for enhanced visualization of the project structure and can be used for conducting constructability reviews and ensuring multi-disciplinary coordination. We can also provide shop drawings of columns, beams and reinforcement details essential for members involved in onsite construction of the structure. We have a team of team of architects, engineers and BIM technicians who are well-versed building standards and codes of different locations and bring excellence and accuracy in any project that they are associated with. It is our quality centric approach with planned and time bound execution makes us one of the most prominent company providing end to end BIM Services.

Our Structural BIM Modeling Services includes

Structural BIM Services

Structural 3D Modeling

We have an experience of working on Structural 3D Modeling projects starting from LOD 100 to LOD 500 with innate complexity and detailing. These structural models can be used to extract several critical data like quantities, shop drawings, part drawings etc.

Structural Shop Drawings

We also assist steel fabricators, contractors, structural design firms and construction companies extract Structural Shop Drawings from our BIM models. We have quality checks in process that ensure that our drawings are precise, without any errors and in compliance with global codes and standards.

Quantity Take offs

We can develop data rich Structural BIM models for our clients which can be used to extract details such as quantities, schedules etc. from the model and can be essential for ordering, planning, budgeting the construction costs, etc.



  • Structural BIM Services improves collaboration and is essential in order to precisely coordinate the 3D model across multiple disciplines involved in the construction process.
  • Structural modeling lends to higher flexibility and accuracy during design analysis and constructability reviews.
  • Structural BIM Modeling Services allows to streamline workflows by connecting design to detailing, 4D construction sequencing and quantities and material take offs.
  • The structural shop drawings extracted from the BIM models are accurate and leads to an error free onsite construction.

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