BIM Modeling Services

We offer customized and comprehensive BIM Modeling Services which includes Scan to BIM, As-Built Modeling, 4D BIM Scheduling, Quantity Takeoffs, 6D Sustainability and Facility Management. We operate with a client-centric approach that provides greater cost savings and enables a successful project completion.

BIM Modeling Services

Outsource BIM Services to us and simplify your construction workflow

BIM Services India is a leading BIM Company providing end to end Building Design Solutions to renowned construction companies across the globe. Our talented multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers and designers have the domain-specific knowledge and technical expertise in BIM software like Revit, Navisworks etc. to tackle your most complex construction project.

Our federated and robust BIM models are made according to our client’s specifications and are of the specified LOD (100-500). The BIM Support provided by us can be valuable throughout the building’s lifecycle. At the design development stage it can augment collaboration between stakeholders, improve design quality and facilitate informed decision making. Our 4D Scheduling Services and 5D Quantity Take off solutions provides better project control, prevents workflow conflicts and refines budgeting. Additionally, our BIM Outsourcing Services also includes Scan to BIM Modeling, As-Built Modeling and Facility management solutions that can be utilized once the building is constructed for renovation, management or simply as documentation for future reference.

Our BIM Modeling Services Includes

BIM Modeling Services

4D BIM Scheduling

Our 4D BIM Scheduling Services can create accurate construction simulation phasing videos by integrating BIM software with project management tools. They aid project managers in optimizing their workflows, keeping a track of resources and ensuring timely deliverables.

5D Scheduling and Quantity Take-offs

Our 5D BIM models allows AEC professionals to compare the effect of design change on cost so that they can make informed decisions. Moreover, since cost and quantities are linked any change in quantities of materials is automatically reflected in cost ensuring control over cost throughout the project duration.

Facility Management

Our Data-rich 3D models can aid facility managers in operations and maintenance of residential, commercial buildings, malls, offices, hospitals etc. BIM for facility management can enable building owners and managers to make quick and informed decisions about repairs, updates, energy evaluation etc.

6D Sustainability

We understand the need for green designing and energy efficient buildings today. Our integrated BIM models can calculate overall energy consumption and asses the building’s impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle. Using BIM tools also makes it possible to evaluate different materials that can ultimately increase sustainability.

As-Built Modeling

Once the building or a structure is complete 3D BIM Modeling Services can be used to create as-built models that reflect any modifications which have taken place onsite. As-Built BIM models act as an evidence for the contractor for corroborating onsite quantities of materials. It is can be also used for facility management, and act as a reference for renovation, reconstruction or retrofit projects. They can also be stored for future reference.

BIM for Infrastructure

Civil Engineers can by using BIM for their infrastructure projects increase precision, enhance collaboration, mitigate risk and augment their project schedule. Our BIM for infrastructure can be utilized for the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, damns, civic structures etc.


Advantages of 3D BIM Modeling Services

  • 4D BIM simulation can detect any 4D errors or scheduling conflicts between different trades and increases collaboration between multiple stakeholders.
  • Embracing 5D BIM allows to identify any construction cost variances and frees cost mangers from carrying out error prone and time-consuming manual quantifications.
  • The virtual 3D model reduces the building’s energy consumption in the long run and improves operational management once the building has been constructed.
  • Scan to BIM Modeling can be particularly advantageous for renovation and reconstruction of existing infrastructure at low costs and in quick time.

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