Steel Detailing Services

We provide detailed and comprehensive Steel Detailing Services to a global client base. We ensure that our structural steel 3D models are made as per the company and industry standards. Our Steel Shop Drawings and Fabrication Drawings lead to an error-free prefabrication, installation and assembly of steel parts and components.

Steel Detailing Services

We provide precise Steel Detailing Solutions and generate high-quality Steel Shop Drawings

BIM Services India offers standardized and accurate Steel Detailing Services and Steel Shop Drawings globally at cost-effective rates. We collaborate with structural design companies and fabricators globally to step up their capacity to produce high quality and shop-ready structural steel fabrication drawings for complex and large-scale projects.

Our in-house team of structural engineers and steel detailers have executed several simple and complex steel detailing projects for commercial buildings, residential structures, industrial structures, roofs, canopies, stairs, conveyor belts, sheds, etc. as per applicable steel detailing standards (BISC, AISC, Canadian and Australian codes).

You can count on our 16+ years of experience in providing Steel Shop Drawings Services for steel parts, base plates and bolts, Quantity Estimation and take offs, Concrete Rebar Detailing, Pre-cast Steel Detailing and Drawings etc. in various file formats such as .NC files, Fabtrol reports, KISS files, DXF files etc. Quality, consistency and accuracy is what we focus on while executing Structural Steel Detailing projects, and it is perhaps what makes us a leading Steel Detailing Company globally.

Structural Steel Detailing Services

Structural Steel Detailing Services

Structural Shop Drawings

We provide Structural Steel Shop Drawings Services to fabricators globally that include creation of GA drawings, erection drawings, connection drawings, parts and assembly drawings along with the list, anchor bolt plans, steel trusses, joists and purlins etc. We provide different file formats such as KISS files, Fabtrol reports, .NC files etc. which aid direct manufacturing of the component.

Structural Steel Detailing

We provide Structural Steel Detailing Services to fabrication companies and steel structural design companies. We develop detailed and precise structural steel 3D models that can be used for extracting details like scheduling, quantity take offs, and developing steel shop drawings. These models can also be used by the fabricators to generate fabrication drawings which are used to manufacture the steel components.

Rebar Detailing Services

We have a hands-on experience in providing Rebar Detailing Services and estimation for different building types such as high-rise residential buildings, industrial buildings, educational buildings, RCC buildings, parking garages etc. We provide the exact details on bends, shapes and lap splices to meet the requirement of the client’s project.

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Our comprehensive Steel Detailing Solutions for miscellaneous steel elements includes offering Miscellaneous Steel Detailing for girt systems and gage plates, toe plates, grating details, stairs and handrails, studs, treads, nosing, ladders, cages, etc.



  • Shop Drawings facilitates off-site fabrication process by providing a clear picture of the information required for the process of fabrication and erection of steel components
  • .nc files can be extracted at the end of steel detailing process. These files can directly be used by CNC machines to fabricate the steel member.
  • It aids in accounting of steel elements in specifically large assemblies which are difficult to fabricate as a single piece due to its huge size. Here, the parts are labelled and manufactured offsite; and then assembled on-site.
  • Steel Detailing reduces overall project cost by reducing material wastage and optimizing time and resources.

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