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We help you succeed with the power of BIM

Thank your search engine right now, as it has brought you to the right place for your BIM needs.

BIM Services India (BSI) was started in 2007 by a bunch of passionate tech enthusiasts gathered in a cozy Indian office. Fast forward to today, and BSI is a global powerhouse, serving clients in 25+ countries.

When it comes to Building Information Modeling, consider us your partners in making the impossible possible. From intricate blueprints to the finest construction details, our team of experts work their tech-savvy magic at every stage of your project.

We are committed towards making BIM the obvious choice for Businesses. Talk to us to know how your next project can be executed better with our custom services.

A truly Global BIM Partner that you can Trust

Even though our home base is India, we have registered offices in the UK, and Australia, spreading our BIM magic worldwide. We're all about global collaboration, breaking barriers, and making distance a thing of the past.

Our esteemed leadership and our handpicked team of BIM and CAD wizards ensure smooth sailing for your projects from the get-go. With every project, we prove that high quality service does not have to come at a high price.

Our reputation is the sum of all the hard work we have done and the relationships we have built with our clients over the years. We understand timelines, commitment, and quality like no one else, and the result shows in our work. With over 5000+ projects completed, we have become one of the top BIM outsourcing partners for some of the biggest names in the AEC industry.