Role of BIM Modeling Services in MEP

Role of BIM Modeling Services in MEP

This is an era “Virtual Construction Modeling”, Everyone is talking about BIM Services being the best thing that has happened to the construction industry. It is a growing service vertical has grown fast with diverse and salient features that help in saving construction cost, perform building analysis for sustainability and energy analysis etc. Though BIM Modeling or BIM Services can be utilized across all service domains, MEP domain has benefitted a lot from BIM Modeling Services.

MEP BIM Modeling Services is one of the most important services in the virtual construction modeling field. Right from simple 3D modeling to complex MEP BIM coordination or shop drawing creation, BIM has a very important role in shaping up the advanced construction process.

Virtual Construction Modeling is extremely useful in creating accurate and well-coordinated design models by assimilating all MEP, Structural and Architectural constituents within a single 3D model. Let us turn our focus on how efficiently we can implement BIM within the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing industry. Different phases of MEP BIM Services are as under

3D MEP BIM Modeling: 3D MEP Modeling is the first stage in the BIM process. Creating an MEP Model with all the MEP components such as Ducts, Pipes, Chillers, FCU, AHU, Plant room etc. is the first step. These models can be created with different detail levels based on the requirement or utilization of models at a later stage. Advanced level of detailing is required if the model is created for BIM coordination purposes.

MEP BIM coordination Services: BIM coordination modeling services assists a BIM Engineer in integrating the MEP model with Architectural and Structural BIM Model. This BIM process helps in highlighting interferences and resolving them prior to construction. Perfectly designed and developed BIM Models helps in minimizing the clashes considerably.  During MEP BIM coordination we can eliminate clashes and conduct collaboration meeting with Architects and Engineers.

BIM construction schedule: This is one of the most important features of Virtual construction Modeling. This phase helps in extracting construction schedules of a particular discipline. In the MEP discipline, this will focus on the details of the project execution timeline and the details of the MEP equipment’s or components.

BIM cost Estimation: This feature provides the detailed cost break up from a project budget standpoint. We can extract quantities take off, the labor requirements and the cost taken to buy essential MEP components. This particular feature helps in planning and presenting a complete start to finish project budget to the management prior to starting construction.

BIM Facilities and Asset Management: We can develop an MEP system in such a way, that it provides a complete analysis of the entire building. Also, we should aim to develop the system in a way that the costing and utilization of the building is optimum keeping in mind the safety of the environment

MEP Shop Drawing ServicesAfter creating a complete 3D BIM Model we can extract MEP shop drawings from the model. These shop drawings should be well coordinated with Architectural and Structural disciplines. These drawings are used for construction purposes onsite, hence any errors presented in these drawings can delay construction or cause severe damage or prove to be a costly endeavor.


We discussed how BIM Modeling can be utilized in MEP domain. MEP BIM Services is one of the most sought-after services today in the Architectural and Engineering industry.


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