Architectural 3D Modeling Services

We specialize in creating accurate and detailed Architectural BIM models according to the client’s specifications and required LOD. Our comprehensive Architectural 3D Modeling Services provides a multitude of advantages to architects, construction companies, builders, general contractors etc. throughout the design and construction process.

Architectural BIM Services

Enhance construction quality through accurate BIM Architectural Services

BIM Service India is a leading BIM Service Provider that offers BIM Architectural Services with absolute precision to global clients. Having completed over 1000+ projects in the span of 16 years we can identify unique problems and provide innovative strategies to deliver project outcomes on time and under budget. Our industry specific solutions and custom services have been utilized by AEC companies across the globe to enable the seamless construction of residential, commercial and industrial structures.

We have a skilled team of architects, engineers and BIM technicians who aim to achieve efficiency and accuracy by applying their expertise, experience and technical skill to design and deliver total Architectural 3D Modeling Services. We can create data rich 3D models from sketches, drawings, point cloud data etc. as per the scope of work and the level of detail required by the client. Our team is also expert in creating parametric Revit 3D models with specifications like sections, elevations, roof, walls, doors etc. It is our unmatched quality and extensive experience that makes a leading AEC company providing Revit Architectural Services.

Our Architectural 3D Modeling Services

Architectural BIM Services

CAD to BIM Conversion Services

We assist our clients shift from CAD to BIM by converting 2D AutoCAD drawings to more accurate and information rich 3D BIM model. A 3D BIM model with enhanced visualization helps increase collaboration, validate design for clashes and optimize the onsite construction process.

Exterior Architectural BIM Services

We offer Architectural BIM Services for the exteriors of varied building types which includes modeling roofs, facades, exterior elevations, walls, doors, windows etc. Our skills in creating complex detailing such as moldings, carvings, intricate geometry on facades has provided our clients a competitive edge.

Interior Architectural BIM Modeling

Our expert team of designers and architects can create sections, furniture plans and layouts, 3D floor plans, RCP detailing, ceilings, interior walls and doors etc. with the appropriate material application. We can also create Revit Families and BIM objects which can be used within the Architectural BIM Model.

3D Floor Plans

We excel in developing Architectural Revit 3D Floor Plans from 2D CAD drawings for presentation purposes. We can add all type of furniture families, BIM components with precise dimensions and other important data that can help clients and contractors to virtually understand the space planning and furniture design prior to construction.


Advantages of BIM Architectural Services

  • BIM encourages productive marketing wherein the 3D model can be used along with rendering, virtual reality and augmented reality for the purpose of presentations, marketing campaigns etc.
  • The BIM model can be used to extract accurate Architectural Construction Drawings which are clear and they provide clear understanding to the team thus, leading to an efficient execution.
  • The BIM methodology ensures effective collaboration amongst all stakeholders involved in the process. The cloud-based system enhances productivity, reduces reworks and speeds up the project delivery.
  • The data rich 3D model can be used to schedule workflows, get quantity take-offs, cost estimation and even after the construction process it can be used for facility management.

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