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By leveraging the best of BIM, we help create precise digital models with Revit Architectural Services tailored to your needs and required LOD. Our comprehensive Architectural BIM Services provide a host of advantages to architects, builders, and construction companies throughout the design and construction process.









Transform your construction with our
Architectural BIM Services

We offer Architectural BIM Services globally, boasting a track record of over 5000 successfully completed projects spanning over almost two decades. This extensive experience has firmly established us as a trusted BIM Architectural Services Provider. We can identify problems with your Architectural BIM project and provide innovative strategies to deliver outcomes on time and under budget.

We have a lineup of skilled architects, and BIM specialists who focus on efficiency and accuracy by applying their knowledge, experience, and technical skills to design and deliver total BIM Architectural Services. We can create data-rich 3D models from sketches, drawings, point cloud data, etc. as per the scope of work and the required level of detail. Our team members are also experts in creating parametric Revit 3D models with specifications like sections, elevations, roofs, walls, doors, etc. It is our unmatched quality and rich experience in delivering Revit Architecural Services across USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia that makes us stand apart.

Our Revit Architectural Services

We have a BIM solution for everything

Architectural 3D BIM Modeling

Seamless transition from CAD to BIM by converting your 2D architectural designs into sophisticated 3D digital models, which will give you an all-angle view of the project. This allows for accurate planning and informed decision-making throughout the construction phases.

Façade Modeling

Crafting detailed 3D digital models of building façades, encompassing the precise modeling of roofs, facades, exterior elevations, walls, doors, windows, and more. Our skilled team adeptly handles intricate detailing challenges, including moldings, carvings, and complex geometric features.

Interior Modeling

Create all types of design elements, including sections, furniture plans, 3D floor plans, RCP detailing, ceilings, interior walls, and doors, each meticulously annotated with the correct material specifications. Moreover, we develop bespoke Revit Families that seamlessly integrate into your Architectural BIM Model.

Site Modeling

Transforming 2D CAD files into topographical marvels, adding diverse elevations and essential building elements to bring your vision to life. Our experts skillfully sculpt your site, build retaining walls, and place greenery. With us, you can always expect precision and details that surpass expectations, making planning effortless and unveiling the true potential of your site.

Revit Construction Drawings

Extracting 2D drawings from clash-free Revit models. We transform these drawings into polished sheets, adding all the tags and annotations needed to create a top-notch Revit Construction Documentation set or Revit Architectural CD set.

Revit Family Creation

Creating custom Architectural BIM elements. We excel in crafting systems, in-place, and loadable Revit families designed exclusively for architectural elements such as doors, windows, columns, and staircases which can be seamlessly integrated into your project or additions to your comprehensive architectural library.

Revit Architectural Project - BCR Liberia

Architectural Revit Modeling, Structural and MEP BIM Modeling in LOD 350, MEP Clash Detection for existing and new buildings.


Outsourcing Architectural BIM Services to us will give
you these advantages:

01 Visualization

Our 3D models allow you to visualize your architectural designs in a realistic and immersive manner before construction begins, helping you make informed decisions.

02 Design Validation

You can easily assess and validate design concepts, ensuring that they meet your functional and aesthetic requirements before investing in construction.

03 Error reduction

3D modeling helps identify and rectify architectural design errors early in the process, minimizing costly changes during construction.

04 Cost Savings

By catching design flaws and modifications in the virtual stage, you can save significant amounts on construction costs and materials.

05 Customization

Our Architectural BIM models allow you to explore various design options, materials, and finishes, facilitating the customization of your projects design to suit your preferences and needs.

06 Time Efficiency

Our Architectural 3D models streamline construction processes, leading to faster project completion.

07 Sustainability

You can assess the environmental impact of your architectural designs and make informed decisions regarding energy efficiency and sustainability features.

08 Long-Term Benefits

The 3D models we provide can serve as valuable assets for future renovations, maintenance, or expansions of the architectural elements of your building, making them a wise long-term investment.

Architectural BIM: The advantage you can’t ignore

Advantage Arrow
  • Architectural BIM facilitates efficient coordination and collaboration with structural and MEP teams
  • BIM models provide a visual representation of the design, making it easier to communicate complex architectural concepts to project stakeholders.
  • Architectural BIM enables quick and accurate modifications to design plans.
  • BIM software allows architects to explore various design options for specific challenges or client preferences.
  • By automating many design and documentation processes, architectural BIM accelerates the overall design and approval timeline.

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