4D BIM: Importance of Scheduling in Construction Projects.

4D BIM: Importance of Scheduling in Construction Projects.

The discussion on whether BIM adoption will have any positive effect on the construction business does not exist anymore. The 2019 National BIM Report shows that out of 1,000 industry experts, 60% state that BIM has brought them cost efficiencies and over 50% said that it accelerated project delivery. About 75% state that it brings great results on operations and maintenance.

4D BIM addresses the needs of architects, designers, contractors, builders etc. to efficiently plan and increase control over the different phases of the development process by making construction scheduling with the assistance of 4D BIM Services. 4D BIM has the ability tocreate accurate construction simulations and phase wise videos to by incorporating management tools such as Primavera with BIM tools, Autodesk Revit and Navisworks. This empowers in advancing the whole supply chain and coordination and designating ideal asset allocation.

Advantages of 4D Scheduling in Construction Projects

1. Improved planning and management of construction activities

One of the key advantages of Construction Scheduling Services lies in the reduction of vulnerability in the planning process. This can be made possible through a digital work process that includes the integration of time-related information to the data model. By practicing the construction exercises of the proposed work in a virtual environment, planners get clear picture of the plan from design to building process.

In addition, by bringing the visibility of CAD into the planning procedure, the partners do not require spending time and energy in deciphering the Gantt diagrams or checking on a heap of 2D drawings. They can just examine the 3D model that incorporates the schedule and all the level of details that they need at any phase of the project.

Incorporating scheduling activities in the project allows the project managers to review the plans, detect conflicts, make necessary changes, to streamline the supply chain and practice the plans virtually to guarantee there are errors during the execution.

The key objective of making a construction simulation is to give the development groups a tool that will assist them with imagining strategic issues in logistics. The 4D BIM simulations highlights issues like out-of-sequence work, “what if” situations, planning clashes between numerous trades, and large-scale construction phasing methodologies.It improves the planning process by giving an insight upon the construction requirement along with the time details thus helping in planning resources. The project can be better controlled and monitored.

2. Saves time and money

By empowering access of construction project data to all partners, 4D BIM limits the need to help meetings to guarantee that everybody is on the same page. With construction sequencing, each project partner will stay on the same wavelength at the time of actual construction. This saves a lot of time for everybody associated with the venture.

4D BIM helps in optimization of schedule eliminating any stops and starts during the project execution. Daily progress and labour information can be added to the model, thus enabling planners to compare organizers productivity rates and the sequencing data and make fundamental alterations. Saving more on time directly affects the cost segment of the project too. This keeps the project from going over budget or falling behind the timetable, eventually leaving the builder with better net revenues.

A Step ahead…

BIM is a basic for organizations to improve communications, quicken work processes, and lessen rework. However, BIM is only the start. To leverage the full potential of BIM, construction companies must consider taking BIM a step ahead with 4D BIM. This fourth dimension in the model-based methodology taking productivity to the next stride by sequencing development and trade work tasks.

At the point when you include the information of these trades to the project data model, critical savings are seen for all the partners, both in terms of time and money.


You the know the advantages of Architectural BIM Services. But that is just the start. Understand the potential of the model-based construction approach by incorporating construction sequencing to your data model.

Revolutionize the planning and scheduling activities, accomplish the highest level of coordination between the partners and make informed choices all through the project lifecycle. In an industry where the greater part of the projectssurpasses their schedules timeline, studies show that with 4D BIM, organizations are bound to win more projects and deliver them on schedule.

Organizations like yours should not fall back in taking a step beyond 3D BIM. Make your move and seize the advantages of the 4D BIM.

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