BIM Coordination Services

Avail our BIM Coordination Services and obtain well coordinated spatial drawings for seamless progression of work at your construction sites. We deliver highly accurate, detailed and well coordinated building designs tailored for MEP consultants, engineers and contractors across US, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.









BIM Coordination Services:
Minimize Errors, Maximize Construction Efficiency

Our BIM Coordination Services are the perfect blend of precision and efficiency.Our team specializes in creating synchronized 3D BIM models that eliminate clashes between MEP, architectural, and structural disciplines, setting the stage for a flawlessly executed project.

Our standout feature is our advanced clash detection and resolution technology using software such as Autodesk Revit and Navisworks which allows us to identify and resolve intradisciplinary as well as interdisciplinary clashes within the 3D model with unparalleled accuracy. Our process has been fine-tuned to detect and resolve the different types of clashes that can occur in the design, such as soft clashes, hard clashes, and workflow clashes. This empowers our clients to streamline their construction processes, resulting in substantial savings in terms of both time and resources. With our expertise, your project will achieve the highest standards of build quality and cost-effectiveness.

BIM Coordination Services that we offer

We have a BIM solution for everything

BIM Coordination

Our BIM coordination prowess hinges on iterative clash detection, ensuring flawless integration of structural elements (such as beams and columns), architectural features (including facades and interior layouts), plumbing, electrical components, HVAC systems, and other critical building components. Our adept team wields top-tier software like Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, and Navisworks, enabling rapid and precise coordination.

MEP BIM Coordination Services

We excel in resolving intra-disciplinary clashes between the MEPF components and make sure that nothing slips past our net of rigorous quality checks. Our MEP BIM Coordination Services guarantee flawless alignment of all elements, including ductwork, electrical systems, plumbing, and fire protection, minimizing on-site disruptions and delays.

Clash Detection

Our clash detection service is the initial, crucial step in the BIM coordination process. We extract clash reports rich in vital details such as clash type, exact clash point coordinates, status, spatial distance measurements, and much more. Our validation process ensures the absence of spatial and functional conflicts among architectural, structural, and MEP elements.

Coordination Drawings

Our in-house team of seasoned MEP engineers is primed to create coordination drawings that contain accurate dimensions, material specifications, assembly instructions, and structural details. Our MEP installation drawings provide invaluable guidance to your installation crew, ensuring a smooth and error-free process.

BIM Coordination Project - Battersea

BIM Coordination after developing MEP BIM model at LOD 350, creating Coordination Drawings for the transformation of London's iconic Battersea Power Station.


Outsourcing BIM Coordination Services to us will give you these advantages:

01 Precision

Achieve error-free construction with meticulous clash detection and resolution.

02 Time Savings

Slash project timelines by eliminating on-site clashes and delays.

03 Cost Efficiency

Reduce expenses by addressing design issues in the preconstruction phase.

04 Resource Optimization

Make the most of your resources by avoiding redundancies.

05 Seamless Collaboration

Enhance teamwork among architectural, structural, and MEPF teams for a harmonious project journey.

06 Compliance Assurance

Ensure your project complies with design codes and industry standards from the outset.

07 Risk Mitigation

Minimize unforeseen complications and project risks.

08 Versatility

Applicable to diverse project types, from residential to industrial and everything in between.

Let our BIM experts guide you to
the best MEP BIM Coordination Solutions

Our MEP BIM Coordination Services are carefully thought out to revolutionize your construction projects by significantly reducing on-site redundancy. By addressing the majority of interferences, design errors, and issues during the preconstruction phase, we ensure a streamlined and efficient building process.

We seamlessly integrate architectural, structural, and MEPF models, culminating in the delivery of a clash-free 3D model that adheres strictly to design codes and building standards. Our track record speaks for itself; our BIM Coordination Services have played a pivotal role in the successful execution of over 1000 diverse BIM projects, ranging from residential and commercial to industrial and infrastructural.

What sets us apart as one of the best BIM companies is our unwavering commitment to aligning industry requirements with current trends, resulting in precise and reliable deliverables that consistently exceed expectations.

Benefits of our
BIM Coordination Services

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  • Tap into the expertise of a top-tier global BIM company with a proven track record of nearly two decades with more than 1500 BIM projects successfully delivered worldwide.
  • Our team members possess the essential qualifications and extensive experience in BIM coordination.
  • We specialize in identifying and resolving both soft and hard clashes in your design, ensuring an error-free model for your project.
  • We generate detailed clash reports to monitor project progress, keeping you well-informed every step of the way.
  • We provide a flexible pricing model that helps you get the best Revit BIM Coordination Services without budget overruns.

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