4D and 5D BIM Modelling – An Overview

4D and 5D BIM Modelling – An Overview

In a construction project there are a variety of activities taking place at the same time which involve people, materials and equipment. It is important to know their quantity, their cost as well as manage and track their schedule. Traditionally this scheduling is done through a one-dimensional timeline sheet where it’s not possible to get a real time update, make easy modifications, identify unforeseen material shortage and workspace clashes.

BIM Services today fortunately provides more than a 3D modelling, it allows to add the 4th Dimension of time and the 5th dimension of cost facilitating an easy and effective management of the whole construction process. 4D BIM allows to add the scheduling data of the project even before the construction actually starts. The contractors can link the activities of one discipline with the other and manage planning in a manner which can improve onsite efficiency. 5D BIM on the other hand links to cost and allows to generate bill of materials(BOM), development rates and the overall cost.

Below we look at the challenges in the construction sector which would lead to of discrepancy cost and schedule as well as look into the advantages offered by 4D BIM and 5D BIM.

 What leads to a discrepancy in cost and schedule?

As stated above there are a lot of different disciplines and elements which are involved in the construction site. With a wide range of information there is bound to be some human error. It can be due to inaccurate project planning where there were 4D clashes which were not detected or it can be due to the changes made in the design but not in all the interrelated aspects leading to inconsistency of materials which are ordered, or it also be could be due to one material being ordered to deliver at the wrong time causing a delay in all the consequent project aspects. All these things ultimately affect the final time taken and the cost of the project.

What are 4D Services?

4D BIM represents building data in form of timeline featuring the duration of construction integrated with 3D geometry of building. It evaluates the overall design features on the construction schedule and workflow. Additionally, by providing precise and useful construction project information 4D Scheduling provides a host of tangible and intangible benefits during the construction process.

With 4D BIM modeling process it is also possible to prepare a construction task schedule by linking the model elements to the timeline. 4D BIM creates a simulation video for the construction project in 4D environment showing every stage of building construction.  4D models create virtual mockup of the construction system design which identifies work-flow based clashes and also manages the supply chain for materials and labor required on the construction site. Virtual mockups are also known as sequenced based simulations which help contractors to communicate the complex processes to whole team improving overall productivity onsite. With Clash Detection Services, it is also possible to detect workflow clash which mainly occur when the schedule for two or more tasks is wrongly arranged at the same time. If any kinds of modification are made within the design, the project task schedule and cost information also gets automatically updated according to the modified design.

  • Advantages of 4D BIM:

4D BIM is extremely valuable in order to streamline scheduling and planning phase of the construction process. The visual step by step process involves a variety of information regarding time in the construction sector like lead-time, time taken for construction and installation, allowances for drying and mixing etc. It can thus detect any inconsistencies and allows to make requisite changes. Moreover, a properly planned construction schedule enables resource mobility, better resource planning and optimal resource utilization. Finally, since everyone involved in the project know what and when they are working on it also increases collaboration.

What 5D BIM Services?

The 5D modeling process adds cost information in the 3D model. The cost data is integrated within the BIM model objects themselves. The 5D BIM modeling helps to create a relationship between elements and includes the properties and specification of each element and object where we can extract complete and accurate information from the model used for costing. The cost estimates consider costs throughout the building’s lifecycle i.e. the capital cost of purchasing it, then installing it, the running and maintenance cost and also the anticipated price of perhaps renewing it in the future. By knowing the quantity of the particular component. Thus it is important to have the correct data in the 3D model since it would be used to calculate cost.

  • Advantages of 5D BIM Services:

With 5D BIM it becomes easier to get more precise and faster quantity takeoffs. In BIM whenever a single component is modified its direct impact is calculated. This ensures that the information is always consistent with the design. With automation of quantity takeoffs, a lot time is saved as the errors which arises out of human errors are reduced. Moreover, the contractors can get updated material lists and speed up the material procurement by accessing quantity takeoffs and bill of quantities. Finally, today with the cloud technology it is possible for the stakeholders to get access to the data from anywhere without actually being present on site. This enables easy coordination with other stakeholders and also makes it easy to inform every any change in schedules or change in design or plans.

5D BIM also enables the contractors to gain accurate cost data and develop a reliable cost estimate of the entire project right from the starting. Since the cost is based upon the material specifications and quantities any changes in the component or the design is automatically taken into account and reflected in the BIM model. This ensures that the cost stays consistent with the design.

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