Revit Family Creation Services

Are you a contractor, manufacturer, architect, or engineer looking for Revit Family Creation Services? We transform 2D/3D CAD files, product sketches or pdfs into detailed and parametric BIM Objects with precision and speed delivered in .RVT, .RTE, or .IFC formats.









Easy-to-integrate customized BIM Objects
for enhanced project visualization

We tailor our BIM Object Creation Services to your unique needs. Our clientele includes manufacturers, forward-thinking product designers, and reputable BIM companies, all seeking Revit Family solutions for architectural, structural, and MEP components. Our hallmark lies in meticulously designing standardized, parametric Revit families with the highest standards of accuracy, adhering faithfully to your specifications.

Our proficient team of Revit experts specializes in creating custom Revit objects using Autodesk Revit. With nearly two decades of experience, we've tackled projects of all sizes, making our services truly exceptional. We serve a broad spectrum of clients in US, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia who require Revit Families for integrating them into BIM models. On the other hand, we also create Revit libraries for manufacturers and fabricators building and construction product manufacturers and suppliers, furniture designers and manufacturers, equipment and product manufacturers and suppliers etc.

Our strong track record is a testament to our expertise. We've consistently delivered excellence to renowned construction and design firms, establishing ourselves as the reliable partner for all kinds of BIM Content Creation Services.

Our Revit Family Creation Services

We have a BIM solution for everything

Architectural Revit Family Creation

We specialize in crafting bespoke architectural Revit families for your project, such as doors and windows, structurally sound walls, elegant furniture, reliable railings and staircases, functional casework, solid foundations, or lifelike entourage elements, along with BIM libraries that can be modified and integrated.

Structural Revit Content Creation

Our BIM Content Creation in the Structural domain cover a wide range of elements, including beams, columns, trusses, joists, stiffeners, corrugated roofs, fences, and structural connections like base plates, mounting parts, and gusset plates. With us, you will receive the finest quality output for enhanced precision.

HVAC Revit Family Creation

Our BIM experts create top-notch HVAC Revit families, crafting a wide range of essential components like duct hangers, AHUs, FCUs, pipes, fittings, valves, fire dampers, diffusers, and more. Our expert team ensures precision and efficiency for seamless design and construction.

Electrical Revit Content Creation

Our electrical Revit Content Creation Services are nothing short of exceptional. Our skilled team develops BIM content for switches, sockets, lighting fixtures, and more. Whether it's for a custom library or project use, we deliver excellence.

Plumbing Revit Family Creation

Our experts design precise components like pumps, pipes, and fixtures, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your projects. Our extensive range covers everything your project needs.

Fire Fighting Revit Families

We provide dependable Revit families for firefighting. Our diverse library of BIM objects, such as sprinklers, extinguishers, and cabinets, enhances the safety of your project in case of a fire emergency.

Advantages of using our BIM Object Creation Services

01 Efficient Updates

Our Revit families ensure that any changes seamlessly propagate throughout your project, simplifying change management and saving valuable time and effort.

02 Customized Revit Objects

We can create tailored Revit objects with all the attributes of the objects such as geometry, dimensions etc. to specific project needs, offering precise 3D models and specialized products.

03 Better quality control

Our BIM Content can be used to verify that products and materials comply with industry standards and regulations.

04 Reusability

We create BIM Objects that are reusable for future projects

05 Parametric Flexibility

Our Revit Families allow you to easily adjust BIM object’s dimensions for greater design flexibility by allowing you to choose from different options

06 Consistency Across Projects

Our Revit Content helps you to maintain consistency.

07 Precision and Realism

Our expertise enables us to create highly accurate and lifelike Revit families, saving you time by seamlessly importing models from other software, while still maintaining precision and realism.

08 Cost Estimation

Our Revit models help to generate accurate cost estimation through detailed and standardized object data.

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