Scan to BIM Services

Avail our Scan to BIM Services to convert laser scan data into accurate As-built models for Renovations, Refurbishment, and Remodeling projects. We model Architectural, Structural and MEP elements from point clouds with an accuracy as high as up to 0-5 mm.









Point Cloud to BIM Services for Efficient Building Solutions

Point Cloud to BIM Services has emerged as a smarter and more efficient way to renovate and upgrade buildings. That's exactly what we do. At BIM Services India, we've become experts at creating flawless point cloud to BIM models. Our models are incredibly accurate, covering everything from the architectural to structural and MEP components of the building, no matter how big or small the project is. With years of experience in the industry, we're a trusted partner for our clients in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Our dedicated team of highly trained architects and engineers excels at crafting precise Revit BIM models with intricate building details. Whether it's beams, walls, pipes, ducts, roofs, ceilings, or columns, we leave no stone unturned in capturing the true essence of your building's asbuilt condition.

Our Scan to BIM Services

We have a BIM solution for everything

Architectural Scan Conversion

Our Architectural Point Cloud to BIM Service meticulously captures the true, as-built conditions of your structure. We excel at seamlessly converting point cloud input into detailed digital representations of architectural elements, including facades, interior layouts, finishes, and other essential design elements.

Structural Point Cloud Conversion

We process scan data to create accurate 3D BIM models for structural elements such as beams, columns, foundations, and load-bearing walls using cutting-edge technology. This provides you with invaluable insights for the design, analysis, and maintenance of your building's structural components.

MEP Point Cloud Modeling

We transform scanned data into precise BIM models for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) elements. Our expertise ensures efficient integration of HVAC systems, electrical wiring, and plumbing into BIM, facilitating better project planning and coordination.

Scan to BIM Project - Memorial Hospital

One of the ground breaking and challenging Scan to 3D BIM Modeling projects, this massive hospital of 306,230 sq. ft. was modeled at LOD 350 along with façade, interiors, and sheets.


Application of our Point Cloud to BIM Services

01 Infrastructure Projects

We are experts in delivering top-notch 3D modeling and point cloud to BIM solutions for a wide spectrum of infrastructure projects, including bridges, railways, roads, dams, airports, and more.

02 Historical Monuments

We excel in Point Cloud Modeling for historical monuments and heritage buildings, where we carefully capture and preserve intricate details such as complex carvings, 3D geometries, domes, casings, and beyond.

03 Residential and Commercial Buildings

Our Scan to BIM Conversion Services for high-rise apartments, hotels, resorts, hospitals, community centers, and various other structures are indispensable for facility managers streamline operations and maintenance.

Best-In-Class Point Cloud to BIM Services

At our core, we specialize in the art of precisely capturing asbuilt environment of real-world structures by analyzing vast datasets composed of millions of point clouds and transforming them into rich, information-packed, as-built BIM models.

We boast extensive expertise in handling a wide array of scan formats, including RCP, E54, PTS, RCS, and more. Our as-built BIM models span the range of LOD 100 to 500, offering absolute visualization that arms construction professionals with the insights needed for informed decision-making. Throughout the project's journey, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to transparency. We provide regular updates to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction with the project's progress and the quality of the final output.

Outsourcing Scan to BIM Modeling Services to us will give you these advantages:

01 Pinpoint Precision

We excel in delivering Scan to 3D BIM models with unmatched precision, ensuring that every structural detail is faithfully captured.

02 Requirement Assessment

We have perfected the process of assessing the requirements of our clients, which has helped us deliver exact solutions.

03 Facilitates Seamless Renovation

With us, renovation projects become more efficient and precise, ensuring that existing structures are seamlessly integrated into your design plans.

04 Accelerated Timelines

Our streamlined processes and expert team guarantee rapid delivery of 3D BIM model from scans, helping you save time and stay competitive.

05 Tailored Solutions

We customize our Scan to BIM Conversion Services to match your project's unique requirements, providing you with a solution that fits like a glove.

06 Cost-Efficiency

By identifying and addressing design issues early, our Point Cloud Conversion Services help you save money on rework and modifications during construction.

07 Informed Decision-Making

Our information-rich BIM models empower you to make well-informed decisions, reducing uncertainties and costly changes.

08 Global Expertise

With a proven track record on diverse projects worldwide, we bring global experience and industry knowledge to your project needs.

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