Scan to BIM Services

We are experts in converting point cloud data into detailed 3D BIM models that can be used for reconstruction, restoration, retrofit and refurbishment of existing buildings and infrastructure. Our Point Cloud to BIM solutions are also be used to create as-built models or they can be utilized for operation and management of a facility.

Scan to BIM Services

Accurate and high-quality Scan to BIM Services

BIM Service India with a team of architects, engineers and BIM professionals has been offering comprehensive Scan to BIM Services for over 16+ years. We combine our technical excellence with unmatched client service to help our clients realize their vision. Our priority and commitment to deliver high quality Scan to BIM Projects in quick turnaround time makes us one of the leading Scan to BIM Companies globally.

We are experienced in offering precise Point Cloud to BIM Services and creating accurate 3D BIM models based on the required LOD (LOD 100 to LOD 500). Our key strength is to create Revit models from scans of the confined zones and complex components that are not readily visible in scans. We use our judgment and refer to the CAD drawings, 360 pictures, and videos to create error-free and detailed BIM 3D models. Our Scan to BIM, Scan to Mesh, and Scan to CAD Services have been utilized by survey companies, general contractors, architectural firms and government bodies for renovation, refurbishment or retrofit of existing buildings. Our data rich 3D models created from scanned data provides information about construction materials, manufacturer’s details, costs etc. and can be thus used for as-built documentation and facility management.

Our Point Cloud to BIM
Services Include

Point Cloud to BIM Services

Scan to BIM for Historical Monuments

We have successfully executed large scale and complex Scan to BIM projects of historical monuments and old buildings that require renovation, refurbishment or rebuilding. We can with minute precision detail all the curves, ornamental modeling, grooves etc. that are on Churches, Palaces, Mosques, Temples, Museums, libraries etc.

Scan to BIM for Infrastructural Projects

Our Point Cloud Conversion Services have been used for renovation and reconstruction of train stations, bridges, roads, airports for clients across USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australian clients. We have extensive quality checks in place to ensure that our final BIM model is without errors and compliant with the necessary codes.

Point Cloud to BIM Services for Residential and Commercial Projects

We have created 3D models from point cloud data of a wide range of residential and commercial buildings that need to be renovated like hospitals, schools, resorts etc. Our Scan to BIM Services can be used to constructed accurate BIM models from which construction documents can be extracted.


Benefits of Scan to BIM Services

  • Scan to BIM allows for enhanced visualization of the commercial, residential and historical buildings making it easy eliminate costly errors.
  • By allowing to make an easy modification and alterations in the project design BIM reduces the construction time and rework.
  • By using BIM throughout the construction lifecycle designers and architects can increase the building’s environmental footprint.
  • BIM allows the design teams to gain access to precise data regarding the dimensions and measurements which enables to make informed decisions and gain accurate cost estimates.

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