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Discover the transformation of London's iconic Battersea Power Station, a historical landmark reborn as a residential space with its historical exterior design intact.

Switch to BIM the right way with our BIM Services for USA and UK

Curious about the transformation our BIM Services for USA and UK can bring to your construction projects?

Think of a single model—a repository of complete building data. Visualize seamless communication, real-time collaboration, and the ability to foresee the entire construction process beforehand.

That is exactly what we can do for you. We help you to improve your efficiency, minimize errors, and enrich your project understanding. Imagine how much easier it would be to manage your BIM Projects with our help!

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Our BIM Services

We have a BIM solution for everything


CAD to BIM Services

We can convert 2D CAD drawings into data-rich 3D models. These models ease the visualization of building designs and demonstrate the building's functions accurately. A single model is sufficient throughout the development, construction, and maintenance cycles. Our ability to deliver fantastic results while being cost-effective makes us the top pick among the CAD to BIM Services Providers.


Scan to BIM Services

Our Scan to BIM Modeling Services generates the perfect results that every renovation project needs. We can create 3D models from the point cloud data files using top-of-the-line software like Revit, Autodesk ReCap, etc. Our team has worked to bring life to many such projects, including Historic Buildings, commercial and residential buildings, and ambitious adaptive reuse projects.


As Built Documentation

Every building project needs clear and accurate As-Built documentation to keep a record of changes that may have been made during construction as well as for future maintenance and repairs. We provide both 2D and 3D as-built documentation, which gives you the flexibility of choice. Throughout the process, we maintain effective communication so that every update is recorded carefully, leaving no chance for error.

Every construction firm faces some key challenges

Collaboration among stakeholders and mitigating clashes between different disciplines remain tough challenges in construction, these issues often result in cost overruns and project delays. Enter BIM, the perfect solution. With its holistic approach, BIM averts these pitfalls.Trust us as your BIM partner for seamlessly uniting stakeholders, curbing costs, and ensuring timely project execution.

How can we help?

At BIM Services India, tailoring BIM Solutions to diverse project scopes and client requirements is our hallmark. Our team of experts crafts fine-tuned BIM solutions that don't strain your budget.

We implement a unique combination of technical expertise and best practices, along with our decade of experience in the field, to provide you with the best of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

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BIM Services for
USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia

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We have been serving the global AEC industry with top-end Building Information Modeling Solutions for nearly 2 decades now. Have you had second thoughts while thinking of outsourcing your BIM modeling needs? Well, trust us when we say this: we understand! Your peace of mind matters to us.


We aim to give our clients that seamless experience, which is often missing when working with offshore partners.


Top-end infrastructure and highly capable experts who deliver quality BIM Modeling Services.


A proven track record built with years of hard work that we take pride in without hesitation.


We are dedicated to maintaining smooth and efficient communication with you and ensuring on-time delivery.

We are motivated by your success stories

Working with BIM Services India on our latest residential project was a game-changer. Their BIM expertise helped us identify and resolve potential clash issues early on, saving us time and money down the line. They were also incredibly responsive, flexible and most importantly adapting to our specific needs and timelines. Highly recommend!


BIM Services India's Architectural BIM Services were invaluable in bringing our vision for this complex project to life. Their team's thorough attention to detail and expertise in Revit ensured an accurate and coordinated model that streamlined the entire design process.


As we were expanding our Hospital's critical care wing, ensuring patient safety and efficient workflow was paramount. BIM Services India's MEP BIM services proved invaluable in achieving these goals.

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