Define Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling is an integration of 3D geometry and Building Information . It enables collaborative execution of projects encompassing design, detailing and final construction. Ability to include complete building information in a single model and maintaining it through the as built stage has made BIM Services replace 2D Drafting or traditional designing and drafting method in many possible ways. Some prominent advantages of practicing BIM are as under

  • Multi user environment with use of central files
  • Easy decision-making owing to BIM processes like MEP clash detection, BIM Coordination and 4D simulation
  • 3D view enables to virtually visualize the design better than 2D
  • Single model and data point right from conceptualization to as built

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We have a team of Architects and Engineers with excellent BIM project execution capabilities for USA, UK, Australia, Canada and European buildings. Delivering quality BIM Models have always been our ultimate focus. We work with latest technical infrastructure, diverse software like Revit, ArchiCAD etc. We have well-defined BIM work flows and Quality check lists to ensure that the projects are delivered with utmost precision. We believe in providing our clients value for money.

Clash Detection, 3D BIM Coordination and Coordinated Shop Drawings are one of our key services. We facilitate BIM coordination meetings with client online and ensure that the modifications and design changes are communicated efficiently and there are no missing links. Architects, Stakeholders, Engineers and end client are all a part of this meeting. We use Navisworks for clash detection services and extract clash reports to facilitate Coordination.

Our cost-effective, timely and qualitative deliverables coupled with a penchant to provide client centric service that has made us one of the top BIM Service Providers in India.

We have a track record of working on diverse building structures

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • School and colleges
  • Community Centres
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Historical Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
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Our BIM Modeling Services Includes

BIM Projects

Want to know about our expertise and quality? Look at our successfully completed BIM projects of various sizes and complexities that have been completed over the past 16+ years.

BIM Services India
Architectural BIM Modeling and 3D Rendering for University of Manitoba
BIM Services India
Revit Family Creation & BIM Modeling for a bathroom project
BIM Services India
Architectural Revit Modeling (LOD 350) and Construction Drawing Sets for a house in Santiago

Shift to BIM Services today…

AEC industry on the whole is gradually transitioning from CAD to BIM platform owing to the humongous benefits BIM Services offers. Architectural firms, Builders, Construction firms, Contractors, Fabricators and Manufacturers, each industry can diversify to virtual construction modelling from 2D Drafting.

Some of the advantages of shifting to BIM Modelling services from CAD are as under

Single Model stores complete building data

One of the key benefits of availing BIM Services is that you can save all the building related data right from conceptualization through As-built documentation. Apart from 3D geometry one can very specifically utilize the same model to extract multiple information pods like Asset Listing, Schedules, Timeline, Budgets and not to mention details, annotated 2D Drawings and fabrication drawings.

Collaborative Tool

BIM Models basically eases communication across different disciplines and stages owing to its collaborative functionality. Multiple Modelers can work on single model and speed up the modelling process. Further the parametric feature of BIM platform can also automate the virtual modelling process by implementing the changes performed in the model automatically in the 2D sheets.

Better Visualization of construction prior to on-site construction

Building Information Modelling assists in visualizing the phase wise progression of the construction process virtually and identify potential design miscues. The best part of using BIM Services is that you can identify them prior to actual onsite construction which helps in saving redundant construction cost and time both. BIM Coordination Services, Interference checks and 4D simulation Services are some of the key services that helps in saving costs in long run.

Design validation during early stages

BIM Services help in validating the accuracy of design intent across multiple discipline through the means of creating 3D BIM models. These models visually depict the designs in a very detailed manner resulting in identification of errors in the aesthetics or engineering data. It reduces manual labour of making corrections in every single plan or drawings unlike 2D drafting. 3D BIM Modelling allows the user to make changes in the model resulting in the reflection of changes through out all drawings uniformly reducing changes of errors.

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I would recommend BIM Services India for any scale or complex projects. They have great expertise in Point Cloud to BIM Conversion. We had challenged their qualified team to finish the Point Cloud to BIM project of a building facades in 6-7 working days. I must say they are real professional and provided excellent quality of service.
Steven Jones
BIM Services India team came up with effective solutions to the issues that arose while routing BIM Coordination model of a school building, met our project timeline and consistently exceeded our expectations. I would strongly recommend BIM Services India for Preconstruction projects and would look forward to work with them again.
David Paik
Our experience while working with BIM Services India was remarkable as they had provided us a competitive bid from the beginning and build strong relations with high integrity, good quality and valuable work.
Mathew Peterson
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