Clash Detection Services

Identify design and workflow clashes with our Clash Detection Services and save time & money on reworks. Our BIM specialists work according to the applicable building codes in your area, removing all design flaws. Contact us for a smoother construction process.









BIM Clash Detection Services:
Identify and Minimize Construction Conflicts

Ever faced unnecessary construction delays that could have been avoided? Say goodbye to project setbacks with our top-notch BIM Clash Detection Services. We specialize in swiftly pinpointing and resolving clashes in 3D Revit models, ensuring your timelines stay on track.

Our clash detection process goes beyond the basics, addressing both hard and soft clashes, along with potential workflow issues. Our dedicated team generates detailed clash reports using Navisworks, offering you insights into clash locations, comprehensive descriptions, and the types of clashes encountered.

But we don't stop at detection. With a wealth of experience in executing revit clash detection projects for USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia, we pride ourselves on providing design alternatives and effective clash resolution. So why not have a better start for your next project?

Don't let clashes hold you back. Choose our Clash Detection Services for precision, efficiency, and a construction timeline that stays ahead. Your projects deserve the smoothest journey – let's make it happen.

Our Clash Detection Services

We have a BIM solution for everything

Clash Report Generation

We identify soft and hard clashes across all disciplines, providing a detailed report that helps you make precise adjustments. Work with us for smooth collaboration and to resolve design clashes effortlessly.

Clash Resolution

Our experts are adept at tackling hard, soft, and workflow clashes, ensuring your project progresses smoothly. We go beyond identifying and resolving clashes within the 3D model and can conduct an inteference check of the entire model, thoroughly reviewing every detail for error-free deliverables.

BIM Clash Detection

Our comprehensive clash report not only covers intra disciplinary clashes between MEP components but also identifies conflicts with structural and MEP components, guaranteeing a seamlessly integrated and efficient design.

Hard Clashes

WUsing cutting-edge software like Navisworks, we identify clashes among components—beams, ducts, walls, and more. Ensure your final design is flawless, free from unidentified clashes that are overlooked in the initial design process.

Soft / Spatial clashes

We meticulously identify and address soft clashes between components, creating optimal buffer zones. This ensures easy access for maintenance and promotes safety, elevating the overall project quality.

Clash Detection Work Flow Optimization

We tackle conflicts in equipment, material delivery, contractor scheduling, and overall workflow timelines. By resolving these clashes, we ensure a seamless project flow, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.

BIM Clash Detection Project - BCR Liberia

MEP BIM Clash Detection for existing and new buildings along with Architectural, Structural and MEP BIM Modeling in LOD 350.


How Our Clash Detection Services Can Benefit You?

01 Accurate Clash Identification

Our Clash Detection services excel at identifying clashes accurately between multiple trades during the early design stage, preventing costly conflicts later in the project.

02 Precise Documentation

We provide precise engineering design documentation and solutions, ensuring that your project is built with accuracy and efficiency.

03 Reduced On-Site changes

Our Clash Detection services minimize changes and reworks on-site, saving you time, money, and resources.

04 Less Resource and Material Waste

With fewer clashes and reworks, there is a significant reduction in resource and material waste, leading to cost savings and sustainability benefits.

05 Efficient Timelines

We reduce timelines by eliminating scheduling errors and cost overruns, ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget.

06 Accelerated Construction

Our services speed up the construction process, allowing you to finish your project faster and potentially generate revenue sooner.

07 Efficient Building Operations

We contribute to efficient building operations by resolving clashes that could affect the functionality and maintenance of the facility.

08 Enhanced Safety

Identifying clashes early improves safety by addressing potential hazards before they become on-site risks, protecting workers and assets.

Clash Free Revit Models to help you
Build with Confidence

At BIM Services India, we've assembled a top-notch team of engineers, architects, and BIM specialists to tackle the challenges of construction head-on. BIM Clash Detection Services are one of our areas of expertise and are the key to eliminating human errors that can crop up during model inspections. Our MEP engineers bring not only proficiency with clash detection software but also valuable on-site experience to the table. They excel at resolving clashes and conducting thorough constructability reviews.

Our approach, which has been developed over the years, ensures that your final 3D model is nothing short of perfection. This, in turn, guarantees that the MEP shop drawings derived from it are accurate and reliable for construction and on-site installation.

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