BIM and MEP services, is there any Issue in Co-ordination?

BIM and MEP services, is there any Issue in Co-ordination?

BIM which stands for Building Information Modeling and MEP i.e. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing, are both very intricate parts of any construction project. None of the construction projects can proceed well without properly completing any of these stages in the construction process.  Some of the BIM services are BIM modeling services, Clash detection services and 4D and 5D BIM, etc; on the other hand, MEP services include MEP design services, MEP drafting and detailing, MEP coordination, and MEP 3D modeling, etc.

The demand for infrastructural development has pushed the growth of the construction industry to a great extent. Due to this BIM and MEP services have also come a long way. Building Information Modeling is providing excellent services to the Architectural engineering and construction industries. Before the introduction of BIM and MEP, the Architectural Engineering and Construction Industry used to face a lot of problems during construction.  But the introduction of BIM and MEP services has tackled the problems largely.

Some of the relevant issues in BIM and MEP: 

Even though today we have the luxury of using BIM and MEP in the construction industry there is still the problem of coordination of these two services. When a company outsources BIM and MEP services from separate companies for the same project a coordination problem takes place. And this is not so easy to solve. The company hiring the BIM and MEP outsourcing services will again have to contact both the service-providing companies for clarifications. This forces the MEP and BIM designers and technicians to once again focus on the same project which often irritates the designers. So if there is no good communication between MEP and BIM designers it creates a lot of problems in the next stages of construction.

BIM and MEP services should be outsourced from the same company: 

To avoid the problems of co-ordination it is always better to get these services from the same outsourcing company. In this process, the company hiring the services need not be bothered about the communication between the MEP and BIM designers and technicians. The outsourcing company takes care of everything itself and gives provides error-free services.

So the problem of coordination faced by the BIM and MEP designers can be easily tackled by the construction companies by availing both these services from the same outsourcing company. This step can turn really helpful in the final outcome of the project. BIM Services India is an Engineering Outsourcing company that extensively deals with BIM and MEP services. For details contact us at

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