7 Reasons How Revit Aids MEP BIM

7 Reasons How Revit Aids MEP BIM

MEP design and modeling has come a long way since the advent of Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology and BIM applications. The previously hand drafted, tedious and extremely chaotic process is now highly efficient, collaborative and easily accessible to concerned professionals. This development is owed to the plethora of all the highly efficient BIM software that have emerged since the advent of Building Information Modeling concept. Autodesk Revit, one of these comprehensive BIM software, has made some major strides in enhancing the design and development of information rich MEP BIM models of building project.

The efficient flow of operations between MEP engineers and other AEC experts is owing to the highly collaborative nature of Revit software where these professionals can streamline their efforts on one digital model of the structure. This article particularly focuses on the benefits offered by Revit to MEP.

What is Revit?

Autodesk Revit is a highly collaborative BIM software that allows AEC professionals to develop coordinated, detailed and information-rich 3D models of architectural, structural and MEP disciplines. It is equipped with tools to plan and track various phases in a building’s lifecycle, from concept to construction to facility management till demolition.

Benefits of Revit for MEP BIM

Revit offers a wide range of benefits to the MEP discipline, some of which are listed here:

  • Comprehensive BIM Development

MEP engineers can accurately draft complex designs for MEPF systems using Revit. All concerned professionals have easy access to the final MEP model and any changes made by them are registered and reflected in the same, thereby keeping all team members updated with modifications in real time. The 3D MEP model of the structure also provides engineers and project managers with accurate and updated information related to measurements, quantity, cost, scheduling, etc.

  • Custom Family Creation

Family refers to a group of components with a common set of properties or parameters and related graphical representation that are used to build a model, for example, doors, windows, walls, stairs, fixtures, etc. Revit Family Creation Services allows the creation of customized BIM Objects that provides users with the flexibility to create the desired 3D MEP model according to the building design requirements.

  • Assured Accuracy and Efficiency

Revit allows for extraction of 2D drawings and documentation from the precise and coordinated 3D models. MEP Shop Drawings extracted from the 3D MEP model of a structure allows for accurate manufacturing of prefabricated MEPF components and fixtures. It also aids as a guide for site personnel for a seamless installation process. Additionally, Revit’s clash detection features are great for checking conflicts of plumbing or electrical systems, thereby eliminating on site mistakes and resulting need for costly reworks and budget expansions.

  • Scheduling Perks

The fourth dimension of BIM is concerned with scheduling phases of construction. It helps with timely project completion and efficient resource management. 4D BIM application on Revit model provides for delivery and installation scheduling of MEPF systems and components. This ensures that resources are not lying idle and are installed without delays with proper technical expertise present at the right time.

  • Automation Perks

Revit is an easy-to-use automated tool that allows users to place pipes, ducts, wires, and fixtures automatically. It also adapts the model according to changes made in any component or system and vice versa. This increases productivity of user by taking care of such trivial detailing and enabling them to focus on innovative designing and modeling.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Revit is an easy-to-understand and use software application. It allows the user to gain a comprehensive idea of its working and features with ease. Professionals with technical knowledge of mechanical, plumbing and electrical disciplines find it convenient to navigate their way to develop MEP models for building structures.

  • Real Time Updates Through Cloud

Revit allows real time project updating through cloud. All modifications in the primary plans, designs, costs and material quantities are simultaneously updated in the final 3D model of the structure through cloud access. The updated BIM model is easily accessible to concerned personnel, making it easy to keep them updated of all changes and modifications.


Apart from the aforementioned benefits for MEP design and modeling, Revit also provides comprehensive BIM Support. It is highly efficient as it aids collaboration and coordination between the AEC professionals and aids transformation of conceptual ideas into detailed designs and models. The use of a single platform for drafting, documentation and modeling also helps users achieve greater accuracy and smooth flow of on-site operations.

Firms should capitalize on the software by making its optimum use to enhance their efficiency, thereby allowing them to execute more projects with high quality and precision in a short time span. It also enables project visualization that aids informed decision making for stake holders and potential customers.

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