How MEP Services with BIM creates an efficient building?

How MEP Services with BIM creates an efficient building?

MEP Services or Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services are a fundamental part of build construction. MEP services can vary from design to drafting of Mechanical, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning), and Plumbing in addition to Electrical systems. With the advent of innovative technology, software’s such as Revit MEP, AutoCAD MEP, etc. are available for accomplishing MEP Services accurately. It assists in hassle-free development of a coordinated building design model wherein different MEP systems do not conflict with one another.

Numerous advantages of MEP services:

  • Increases coordination between Architects, Engineers, Contractors as well as Sub-Contractors, enabling rapid decision making
  • MEP Designing evaluates for the entirety of drawings before the commencement of construction process
  • Installation interference’s eradicated by coordination and interface checks between Architecture, Structural, MEP, Firefighting along with other services during designing and pre-construction stage for perfect design
  • Creation of precise construction document and shop drawings aiding the utilization of Pre-Fabricated material, therefore improving quality, minimizing costs and time
  • Enables Construction Scheduling along with Supervision of projects

Integrating BIM to Improve MEP Services

Today’s demanding business environment is driving a push in the direction of more proficiency and integration in building industry supply chains. Proprietors are asking for better-built buildings for significantly less money in less time. Architects, Engineers, and Contractors are under pressure to streamline their building designs and delivery process – seeking out solutions to enhance productivity, lower costs, and provide better-quality products.

The success of BIM for building design – as demonstrated by the rapid adoption of BIM solutions such as Autodesk Revit Building software – is redefining clients’ perceptions of their MEP consultants. BIM for MEP is a design methodology defined by the conception and use of coordinated, constant computable details regarding a building’s MEP design. It includes the information utilized for design decision-making, development of precise documentation, envisaging performance, cost estimating as well as construction planning, and, eventually, for handling and operating the facility.

Several key principles of Revit Systems are fundamental to comprehend how BIM impacts the MEP design process: the utilization of a computable building model, holistic design, as well as parametric change management.

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