Revit Family Creation & BIM Modeling for a bathroom project

Project Objective

  • Revit Family Content Creation for various components (approx. 70) of Plumbing, HVAC, and communication devices
  • To create a model of the bathroom and place the families that are created in this model.

Client Summary

The client is a design and construction company in a European country that takes up projects in new construction as well as restructuring in the areas of offices, shops, hotel, logistics, health and housing.

Project Deliverables

  • RFA files for 70 parametric and non-parametric Revit families
  • Revit model of the bathroom with the Revit families places in it

Project Summary

This project was executed in two phases. This first phase consisted of creating Revit families of various components. The second phase consisted of creating a BIM model of a bathroom and place the Revit families in it.

Phase: 1

Tesla had to create BIM objects (70 in number) in Revit for the following components:

  • Sink, tap, bathroom fixtures, electrical lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures (Non Parametric families)
  • (HVAC)mechanical accessories valve, damper, diffuser (Parametric Families)
  • Communication devices like speakers, and door locks (Non Parametric Families)

The client had provided the pdf files with dimensions and specifications for the objects based on which we created the parametric and non-parametric families.

Phase: 2

Once the families were created, we had to develop an Architectural BIM Model for the bathroom and place these families in this model. The client had provided us with the AutoCAD files (plans and elevations) for the bathroom. We had to place the Revit families based on the sample of finished work that was provided to us by the client.


  • All the files that were provided to us were in French. We had to develop an understanding based on the inputs and a sample that was provided by the client. Despite the language barrier, BIM Services India was successful in accomplishing the project to the satisfaction of the client.

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