3D BIM Services for an Education Building

3D BIM Services for an Education Building

BIM is not an unfamiliar term anymore. It’s proven its metal and has compelled more and more of the AEC firms to adapt to the ways and technology of BIM! Belonging to the earlier lot to have recognized BIM and its potential, we early on took up to ourselves to master the technology.We have to our credit quite a few high end BIM projects.

One comprehensive project that we executed was of an Educational Building with an area of 2, 00,000 Sq. FT in USA. The scope covered BIM Modeling of Architecture, Structure and MEP along with clash detection and coordination services.

Coordinated view of Structure and Architecture – Ground Floor

The Structural BIM Services included modeling of Foundation and Footings, Columns, Beams, Structural Slabs, Roof, Bracing and Truss.

Images of the BIM Structural Model

The Architectural BIM Services required modeling of Interior and Exterior Walls, Doors, Windows, Ceilings, Bulk heads,Floors, Wall Finishes, Floor finishes, Furniture’s, Case work, etc.

Images of the BIM Architectural Model

The MEP BIM Services covered modeling of the HVAC (Hydraulic Piping, Supply Duct, Domestic Piping, Sanitary Pipe), Electricahttps://www.bimservicesindia.com/blog/role-of-bim-modeling-services-in-mep/l (Single phase, three phase wiring, Different Switches, Cable Tray and Cable, Panel Box and Panel Board, Lighting and Power) and Medical Gas Piping (Oxygen, Vacuum, Medical Air, Waste Anesthesia Gas (WAG), Nitrogen).

MEP Co-ordinated Views

The scope required us to submit a Co-ordinated Model. We resolved the clashes that we came across while modeling the MEP scope within the discipline as well as against the Architectural and Structural Models with the client’s involvement to ensure not to divert from the Design and Standards in concern.

Architectural+Structural+MEP Combined Views

The below images demonstrate some of the clashes that were detected and resolved:

Duct clashing with the False Ceiling

Two ducts clashing – not enough space in the plenum to accommodate the two ducts.

Our team is well trained and experienced to successfully accomplish BIM projects regardless of the scale and complexity. Contact us to avail our range of BIM Services – Architectural BIM Services, Structural BIM Services, MEP BIM Services, Clash Detection and Co-ordination Services, 4D BIM Services and 5D BIM Services.

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