What all challenges you can probably face during BIM Implementation

What all challenges you can probably face during BIM Implementation

BIM, a short form of Building Information Modeling, is a fast growing technology of these days. It is significantly used for creating building Architectural, Structural and MEP planning, design as well as coordination modeling in a more appropriate way than traditional manual methods. You can take help of several highly advanced and feature-rich software like Revit, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, Bentley Architecture, etc. to perform effectual building information modeling.

BIM services are substantially applied in Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry for developing buildings due to its numerous advantages such as it allows convenient communications among team members, its fast problem-solving capacity, perform building design and modeling with high accuracy, start-to-end precise project scheduling along with estimating budget, building life cycle analysis etc.

Nowadays, almost all types of AEC firm i.e. large, medium and small sized firms appreciably implemented BIM in their business. Yes, BIM implementation bestows plenty of benefits to firm owners and other members. In spite of this, lots of challenges can take places while implementing BIM in a firm.

Let’s see what all challenges you can probably face when you try to implement BIM services in your firm for the first time:

Resistance in accepting new changes:  In AEC industry, most of the works are performed in sites. Earlier days, even Architects, Designers, and other professionals went to site for making planning, design, etc. BIM process has brought facilities to perform these tasks on the computer using several advanced software. Now, it is not necessary for them to visit sites regularly. Architects, Designers, etc. can do their work from any system which has introduced a restriction in their conventional work style.

Technical proficiency: To work with BIM, Designers, Modelers and other professionals need to be technologically strong in this area. It is also compulsory for them to comply with all the rules as well as established standards for developing any project work. Thereby, it can be a reason for displeasure to some professionals.

Capital investment: When you take the first step to start BIM implementation in your business, the first and most essential thing that you need is to invest money for buying BIM software’s and computers (if required). Once you get this software’s, your next investment will be for configuring system appropriately, and employing BIM experts along with other resources. Many firms do not want to implement BIM because of these investments. They do not want to take any type of risk because they think if BIM makes any loss in their business.

Management Complication: It is one of the big issues that frequently happened while working with BIM. A building information modeling project is developed through various phases. So, to maintain good coordination between members and to reduce collaboration gap between any two phases, it is required to maintain data of all phases carefully.  If any data get lost for any reason, such a small issue also can create severe hazards in future.

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