Outsourcing BIM Services – An introduction

Outsourcing BIM Services – An introduction

BIM Services today has emerged to be one of the most in demand and successful discoveries in the AEC and construction Industry. Still, it is not utilized to the fullest of capacity due to many reasons. Though we can see a steep rise in the utilization, there are still some unanswered questions that makes it difficult for companies to go for it.  Larger companies have adopted BIM Services by subcontracting some phases of modeling locally or globally. Outsourcing comes as a very good option in this scenario, where you can acquire a cost effective way to get into new services like BIM. India is one of the growing outsourcing destinations that offers Architectural and Engineering services cost effectively with good quality.  The low conversion rate, economy, and time zone difference makes it a successful destination otherwise. India has an intellectual work force with skilled Architects and Engineers, who are in sync with the changing market requirements to deliver best quality of Architectural BIM Services and MEP BIM Services. There are many BIM companies in India who work on international projects.

Small scale enterprises and companies are neither outsourcing nor using BIM Services. There are several road blocks that any company would face while implementing BIM. Some of the road blocks include investment, hiring and training cost the clients are not willing to invest initially. These road blocks can be overcome and this process will prove advantageous in long run. Thus, companies can easily avoid BIM implementation in house.  Along with this we would also like to portray advantages of BIM services in spite of the initial investments.

What are BIM Services?

Adopting Building Information Modeling services can be extremely beneficial when outsourced. Embracing change is a difficult process and shifting from an age old practice is certainly tough however in the long run you can achieve the following advantages.

  1. Minimize construction cost
  2. Efficient Project Scheduling
  3. Manage Pre-construction process efficiently
  4. Extraction of Construction Drawings
  5. Parametric Detailing and Drawing
  6. Bridge collaboration gap between all construction phases

Looking at above mentioned advantages that BIM services offer, one would voice an opinion objectively that every company should implement construction process using virtual construction Modelling.

Manpower is one of the most important factors which can pose can be a great opportunity and a threat both when working on BIM projects.  If the BIM outsourcing company is experienced with good and skilled manpower the success ratio will be much higher, however if the company that you choose is not skilled or experienced it will be difficult to seamlessly use this tool. There is a risk that you will not be able to understand how this entire process works and the company may end up following the traditional process.

When outsourcing BIM services to any company, it is imperative to check the capabilities of the resources. Since this is about bringing a change in the working process, it is important that manpower take it very seriously and learn utilization of BIM thoroughly. Investments that BIM companies make in training manpower on BIM concepts, technology, software and most importantly how to utilize the virtual model for construction needs to be looked upon very critically. After all BIM is about overall streamlining the construction process and is not just about creating presentation models.

By and large, rather than implementing BIM in your own company it will be great to outsource these services, as you can save on the fixed expense cost, management cost, training and hiring expenditure etc. Hiring an experienced BIM company in India can resolve most of your issues.

Go BIM today!!

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