MEP BIM Coordination

MEP BIM Coordination


Today we shall talk about Coordination between MEP components such as HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing systems within each other or within Architectural and Structural disciplines. Co-ordination process between multiple trades can be a very time-consuming process and also a critical step with regards to construction. Clash Detection and clash resolution are an important feature of the BIM process.

MEP Coordination process can seem too time-consuming and lengthy, still, it is worth going through the pain and the hard work. The process is worth it due to the convenience it brings to the entire construction process. It provides Architects, contractors and construction companies with all important data related to construction. This includes quantities, clash points, solutions to the clashes etc. It gets extremely important to fix and define the start point for any model or discipline.  There can be multiple constraints that come up while working on MEP coordination services with other disciplines. There can be

  • Design constraints
  • Space issues
  • Excess components

There might be constraints that arise while co-coordinating. These constraints come up due to different design parameters and other criteria’s which are specific to each discipline. Highest priority should be to coordinate the model in a way that there are minimum clashes or collisions within the models. Where ever there are collision provision should be made to mark them up or provide a solution.

3D BIM Coordination

Inter-discipline coordination has become much easier today with the intervention of BIM. Revit and Navisworks help in identifying clashes and presenting a completely coordinated 3d model with quantities and costing parameters.  Revit has actually beaten quite a few other BIM software and has excelled in the trade. There are many companies who still want to go with CAD or work on 2d co-ordination. But such people are very few in numbers.

Though it is understood that MEP coordination model cannot be taken onsite to work and 2d drawings are needed, one can extract sheets through Revit conveniently tagged and annotated and taken back to the site for installation.  2D drawings that are taken from the Revit 3D model hence every aspect such as plans, elevations, and sections are synchronized. The parametric features come into play and modify every element in the plan according to the changes made in the model.

BIM coordination services are highly utilized services by contractors, sub-contractors, architects, and engineers globally. Revit and Navisworks have been instrumental in enhancing the productivity and efficacy of the construction units. It has helped Architects and Engineers in developing clash free models, evaluating the virtual construction model that the technicians have developed.  Accurate drawings, clash interference checks, schedules, component checks are some of the prominent features of MEP BIM coordination services models.


Almost 70% of the construction companies are shifting to Revit BIM coordination services from Auto CAD 2d coordination. Some of the companies are already using Revit and some are trying to move to Revit. Since BIM Implementation is another tough task, still some people are managing with AutoCAD.

Current trends and acceptance of BIM Modeling Services give an indication that sooner or later, BIM will be widely adopted across the globe. This will open several doors for outsourcing companies across India. Excellent man power and technical knowhow enables India to provide cost effective MEP BIM coordination services has made India the most sought after destination.

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