How to change a .pcg point cloud file into .rcp file which is already linked in a Revit project?

How to change a .pcg point cloud file into .rcp file which is already linked in a Revit project?

Prior to launch of Revit 2014, design and construction professionals used to make use of .pcg point cloud files for using the data of as-built structures in Revit projects. But after the launch of Revit 2014 AEC professionals are largely making use of .rcp and .rcs point cloud files as it has got a new point cloud engine that supports .rcp and .rcs file formats in a better way.

This blog is quite important as I am going to explain how to change a linked .pcg point cloud file into .rcp or .rcs point cloud files.

Process of converting .pcg point cloud files into .rcp files

  • Well, we are going to convert a .pcg file that is linked in a Revit project into .rcp file because the point cloud engine of Revit 2014 supports .rcp and .rcs files.
  • For indexing .pcg file into .rcp file users are required to open the Revit model that contains linked .pcg file in it.
  • Once the model that contains linked .pcg file is opened by the users, ‘Unresolved References dialog’ then displays in front of them.
  • For sorting out the problem users are required to click ‘Open Manage Links to correct the problem.
  • After this ‘The Manage Links dialog’ opens in front of users.  Now users are required to observe the ‘Update ‘that displays for the linked.pcg file in the Status Column on Point Cloud tab.
  • Users are now required to select a .pcg file and then click ‘Reload From’ option for indexing .pcg file into.rcp file.
  • After this in the ‘Link Point Cloud dialog’ users are required to select appropriate options for ‘For Look in, For Files of type, and For File name.
  • For example in the ‘For Look in’ option they should be selecting .pcg file, whereas for ‘For File of type’ option they should select ‘Raw formats. On the other hand for ‘For File name’ option users are required to select appropriate file name.
  • Once an appropriate value is selected for all the options that are available within Linked Point Cloud dialog users are required to click ‘Open.’
  • Once ‘Open’ is clicked by the users it will display a “File Not Indexed” message in front of users. This message lists the .pcg file that is selected by the users.
  • After this users should click ‘Yes’ for indexing .pcg file into .rcp file.
  • Now user should again select appropriate options for the columns provided within Point Cloud File Indexing dialog. Here destination folder along with file name must be specified by them. They should also specify a temporary directory that is used for indexing.
  • After this click ‘Start Indexing’ and when it’s completed click ‘Close.’ This completes our process.
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