What is the Right Pattern of using Revit, Navisworks and 3Ds Max?

What is the Right Pattern of using Revit, Navisworks and 3Ds Max?

Building construction is an extremely lengthy activity that consists of many phases such as planning, design, and construction. Different technical teams and building experts such as architects and engineers have to be accountable for accurately carrying out these phases. And all these building professionals have to take the assistance of cutting-edge tools and technologies for effectively performing their tasks. These days Building Information Modeling Services remain at the center of project execution as it has umpteen benefits for all the parties involved in the project.

Some of the crucial tools or software products which are used in pre-construction phase for supporting Building Information Modeling include Revit, Navisworks and 3Ds.

Check out the use of various software in their chronological order

  • The first and most vital software which is used by building professionals in pre-construction is Revit.
  • This Autodesk product has been in use for approximately ten years now and it helps in developing amazing parametric models for architecture, structure, and MEP.
  • The development of digital models for each building discipline remains the first step toward design development.
  • Models created by using Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP can effectively represent all the physical and functional characteristics of the building in question.
  • The next step in the design development process remains the eradication of all the clashes that exist between different building elements.
  • This particular objective is accomplished by building professionals by executing clash detection services.
  • Now, the process of clash detection remains incomplete without the support of Navisworks, which is again an Autodesk product.
  • Navisworks is very helpful when it comes to detecting, managing, and resolving clashes.
  • On the other hand, if we talk about the production of photorealistic models and images, which are very important for marketing professionals, the uses of 3ds Max remain highly important.

The above description makes it quite clear that building professionals have to follow a particular order or pattern when it comes to using different software products during design development.

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