How to link a Revit structure model to an architectural model in Revit?

How to link a Revit structure model to an architectural model in Revit?

Linking multidiscipline Building Information Models into one another is considered as the most significant step when it comes to collaborating across disciplines. In other words it is cardinal to link Revit models during design coordination so that information can be dispensed effectually among different teams and design changes made to one discipline can be viewed by the members of another discipline effectively.

When different teams headed by an architect, structural engineer and MEP engineers work collaboratively on a building project it is imperative that all of them are aware of each others’ design developments so that design discrepancies or errors can be avoided. And this is done by linking together Revit models into each other.

Process of linking a structural model into a architectural model in Revit

  • Whenever an architect want to get some clarity on the structural design for finding out whether architectural elements are conflicting with structural elements or not he is required to link structural model into the architectural model.
  • For linking structural model into architectural an architect is required to click ‘Insert tab’ then ‘Link Panel’ and finally ‘Link Revit.’
  • In the Link panel there are various other options apart from ‘Link Revit’ such as Link CAD, DWF Markup, Decal, Point cloud and Manage Links. What users need to understand is that they should not be selecting anything else apart from Link Revit from this panel.
  • Once Link Revit is clicked by users ‘Import/Link RVT dialog’ displays in the screen.
  • Now users are required to navigate to the folder wherein Revit structure model is saved.
  • Once the folder containing structural model is available to users they are then required to select the model from there.
  • Now after selecting structural model, Revit users are suggested to select a required file positioning option such as ‘Auto – Origin to Origin’ and  ‘Auto – Shared Coordinates’ etc.
  • Once a desired file positioning option is suggested by users they are required to click ‘Open.’
  • The structural model can be successfully linked to an architectural model once ‘Open’ is clicked by Revit users.

Now an architect can effectively see all the elements of a structural model and can make changes to his model if necessary.

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