Structural BIM: How does it help in creating flawless structural design?

Structural BIM: How does it help in creating flawless structural design?

When we talk about structural BIM it is all about development of structural design in Revit Structure (3D modeling and building design software) which is specifically launched by Autodesk (a software manufacturing company based in US) for providing enormous support to structural engineers. All the complexities of structural design can be fully tackled by AEC professional with the support of Revit Structure, as it accommodates some of the most sophisticated structural modeling tools.

Advantages of Revit structure for structural modeling

  • With the support of Revit Structure, structural design team can successfully model intricate details about structural elements in 3D which are very helpful for engineers when it comes to analyzing design validity.
  • If structural model is developed with LOD 400, then structural elements are modeled as individual assemblies which have accurate size, shape and location.
  • With the support of such high quality and detailed structural models, design and construction professionals can easily extract a large amount of detailing and fabrication related information.
  • In Revit Structure, design and construction professionals can easily develop a structural analytical model which is utilized by them for conducting structural analysis.
  • All the documentation related work is taken care by physical model, whereas when it comes to structural analysis and design structural analytical model is optimized by design and construction professionals.
  • The analytical model incorporates intricate information about structural components, accurate geometry, loads and concrete data related to material properties.
  • Revit structure has such a wonderful mechanism that when physical structural model is developed by modelers it automatically produces analytical model.
  • Effective structural analysis can be performed by structural engineers with the support of analytical model, wherein they effectively analyze the capacity of structural components and elements to withstand the load.
  • The results of structural analysis can be effectively discussed among the structural design team and on the basis of that strong decisions can be taken for rectifying the design.
  • The design can be effectively rectified by structural engineers as far as preconstruction stage is concerned since it does not involve any cost.

In this way highly flawless structural design can be developed by AEC professionals in Revit Structure.

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