Architectural BIM Modeling of LOD 300/400 for a housing project in Paris, France.

Project Objective

The task was to create Architectural BIM Model of a residential building consisting of 8 floors with LOD 300 baring fourth floor which was modeled in LOD 400.

Client Summary

The client for whom the project was executed is an Architectural Firm in France working on designing of residential and commercial building. The client had outsourced the work to us.

Project Deliverables

Revit 3D Model with LOD 300/400 along with building facades.

Project Summary

The model created by BIM Services India was basically used by the client for presentation purpose but at the later stage it was used for construction work too. The client required an Architectural 3D Revit model for the residential housing project. The total estimated time was 310 man hours and the schedule delivery was in 20 working days. We had used the library available in the software to place the Revit Families in the model to create some parametric families and give realistic look to the model.


The biggest challenge was that the turnaround time changed midway and we had to deliver and exceptional quality project in 10 working days. We were able to do this by deploying more architects on the same project.

The client did not provide us any Revit Families and hence we had to create some custom families to use it in the model. Since families of LOD 400 were not available in the software itself, we had to download the families from outside. Modern families which the client insisted on were not available in system families.

The whole client communication was done in French which was another challenging task. We had to use google translate and interpret to best of our ability.

We had working weekends to complete this project since the client required the dispatch earlier.

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