Significance of Laser Scan to BIM models in AEC Industry

Significance of Laser Scan to BIM models in AEC Industry

In BIM services, 3D laser scanning services have brought great opportunities in making 3D BIM models and designs in an innovative way. Prior to the introduction of the laser, there was no such way of obtaining exact building designs of any old or existing construction.

Therefore, building renovation was performed based on the Engineers’ ideas and planning accuracy. Implementation of the laser in building information modeling services has first brought the scope to users in getting exact designs including the dimension of each building component of an existing building.

In 3D BIM point cloud modeling services, at first, an existing building is scanned thoroughly by using a laser. While the laser scanning process is executed, a set of points are collected that are basically utilized for generating 3D BIM models of the existing building. The laser scan generated points form a cloud in 3D. These points can reside in any three-dimensional coordinate systems and anyone can get the location of these points from its specified vertices in 3the D system (i.e. X, Y & Z plane). After generating BIM 3D model of a building from these 3D points, this generated new model is coordinated with the existed old model of that building for performing design validation.

In Building Information Modeling services point cloud laser scanning assists in getting as-built drawing of any newly developed building. It empowers users in comparing as-built drawings and as-planned designs together so that users can clearly understand whether everything is alright or any other modification is needed to be performed in the as-planned design. So, laser scanning technique helps viewers in getting comprehensive 3D visualizations of any old construction which will be renovated in future.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning technology implementation in BIM services

  • Provides detailed understandings of how all structural and MEP components have been integrated with each other within a building
  • Enables engineers in scanning any existing structure such as structural building, bridge, etc. as well as its associated members and assists them in making 3D structural models
  • Helps Engineers in generating 3D Architectural models and also helps them in obtaining a complete 3D Architectural visualization
  • Assists users in getting a clear perception of how an old building will look after renovation
  • In any renovation project, laser scans generated BIM models help Engineers in performing effective construction scheduling and cost estimation, for example, takeoff quantity cost, resource cost, cost needed for replacing any elements, cost required for reinstalling any element etc.

Nowadays, the usages of laser scanning services are rapidly increasing across Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. It is significantly applied in obtaining as-built drawing of any historic site, residential building renovation, corporate building renovation, etc. The laser is also used in detecting any internal fault within the building structure. Therefore, it has become an indispensable part of Scan to BIM services.

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