Benefits of Point cloud data for BIM modelers

Benefits of Point cloud data for BIM modelers

In context of construction industry, point cloud data is utilized for the successful development of renovation, refurbishment and retrofit projects etc, which is achieved by the professionals responsible for conducting the survey of the existing property. That means point cloud data which can also be referred as 3D laser scanning data is captured from the surface of the building by the team accountable for performing the survey. And it is used by Revit modelers for the development of top quality BIM models for renovation projects. To make it clearer let me let you that Scan to BIM process is adopted by design and construction professionals for the effective execution of these projects.

Benefits laser scanned data to BIM modelers

  • Point cloud data which becomes available to Survey Company after performing 3D laser scanning process for measuring the dimensions as well the spatial relation between objects, is tremendously helpful for BIM modelers.
  • When multiple scans which are captured by lasers beams or the rays of light emitted by laser scanners are joined together, it helps in producing the entire replica of the building.
  • That means if point cloud data obtained through different scans is effectively combined it provides comprehensive details about the building which can help BIM modelers in understanding building geometry.
  • But for utilizing this data, it is highly important to perform indexing for it, wherein it is changed into .rcp and .rcs files.
  • When .rcp and .rcs files become available to BIM modelers they can effectively link these files in Revit.
  • Once these files are linked and opened in Revit, the entire picture of the building becomes clear to BIM modelers.
  • Design and construction professionals can utilize the existing geometry of the building for developing highly informative BIM models for architecture, structure and MEP.
  • Now for streamlining the renovation process, architects and engineers can add new dimensions to 3D and can extract enormous information about the project.
  • So, when 4D and 5D is added to 3D, BIM modelers can generate highly effective schedules, simulations, material takeoffs and bill of materials etc.
  • Bill of materials and material takeoffs can be utilized by architects, engineers and general contractors for accurate cost-estimation.
  • And all this information helps in the smooth execution of renovations and retrofit projects.
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