Scan to BIM services: Avail unambiguous‘as-built’ information through multidiscipline 3D models

Scan to BIM services: Avail unambiguous‘as-built’ information through multidiscipline 3D models

‘Scan to BIM’ and ‘point cloud modeling’ are the most discussed topics in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry these days. Clients across the world are reaping great benefits by Hiring Scan to BIM Services and point cloud modeling services when it comes to the execution of renovation, retrofit and refurbishment projects.

Gone are the days, when building owners used to think multiple times before getting to the conclusion of renovating their houses because renovation used to prove quite costly for them.

Scan to BIM services provide clients with meticulous as-built information

  • Scan to BIM is all about extracting as-built information from an existing building and then developing 3D models from it.
  • There are two things that remain very crucial for extracting as-built information from old buildings and they include certified surveyors and high-end laser scanners.
  • Laser scanning technology is predominantly required for the survey process.
  • Certified surveyors first have to effectively install powerful laser scanners at the required location.
  • After the installation of laser scanners, the entire building is surveyed through laser scanners from top to bottom.
  • The survey process results in the production or collection of point cloud data.
  • This kind of ends the survey process, after which the point cloud modeling process begins.
  • All the data collected during the survey process is then provided to engineering design firms, wherein high-end 3D parametric models are developed with its assistance.
  • Building Information Modeling tools such as Revit and its disciplines are used by design and construction professionals for developing architectural, structural and MEP models.
  •  Since modelers working on architectural, structural and MEP modeling projects can easily collaborate with each other in Revit, this eventually leads to the production of highly error-free models.
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