Scan-to-BIM: How Point cloud to BIM Modeling impacts renovation and restoration of old buildings

Scan-to-BIM: How Point cloud to BIM Modeling impacts renovation and restoration of old buildings

Scan to BIM or “Point Cloud to BIM” is an innovative process of developing as built virtual models for further renovation and refurbishment of old buildings. Scans or point cloud images are developed through a “Laser Scanner” after scanning a building to get the measurements of the building site and other areas in as built conditions. Traditional methods permit measurement using measure tape and is long, tedious process.  Point cloud imaging or Laser scanning is a better and convenient process compared to physical measuring of sites.

Measuring companies in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Middle East and Europe is seeing significant advantages in using point cloud services. They are slowly and gradually ditching the traditional method. Using Scan to BIM Modeling services offers higher cost savings and efforts when they aim at creating highly detailed Revit BIM Models from laser scans. This data is extracted in form of “scan images” in raw format, later these images are “registered” and converted into “ RCS” or “RCP” formats so that these scans can be adapted and opened in Revit or any other BIM software. Revit BIM Models can be created effectively with all suitable details, Revit content, equipment schedules and later integrated to produce As-built drawings which can indicate renovation requirements in building. We can also develop proposed building design based on existing Model developed from point cloud.

Point cloud to CAD Drafting or construction drawings are also developed with an intention to use these drawings for installation on site. This process enables quicker construction and faster execution of project.  Contractors and End clients both find considerable time to review the designs, validate them and approve them on time before the site installation begins.  Onsite maintenance can continue while the point cloud scans are being converted to BIM Model.

With Scan to BIM Modeling technology, construction and design team jointly reap the benefits offered by point cloud to BIM Modeling services in India. There are many Indian CAD and BIM companies offering Point cloud to BIM Modeling services to Measuring Companies in USA, UK, EUROPE, Australia, Canada and UAE.

Scan to BIM Modeling companies in India take extreme efforts in providing standardized Revit Model with high level of detailing such as Revit Content, Schedules, 4D and 5D features etc.  Recently there is a major tunnel in Netherlands that is under renovation. Laser scan methodology is being used to renovate this tunnel in the most unique manner. This method is proving to be extremely cost effective resulting in quick construction as well.

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