Revit Family Editor is constitutive and cardinal for developing families!

Revit Family Editor is constitutive and cardinal for developing families!

Revit Family Editor is one of the most fantastic tools or mode that is incorporated in Revit for developing families. Its tools provide support for its users in creating effectual families that are subsequently used by them in developing Revit models. Revit Family Editor can be delineated and defined as a graphical model in Revit that incorporates highly sophisticated tools which are enormously unique and constructive in the context of developing families. When it comes to its resemblance and appearance it is indistinguishable from Project Environment in Revit. However, the tools featured in Revit Family Editor are extremely dissimilar from that of Project environment.

Its remarkable tools and features for sorting out family creation complexities

  • Family creation depends a lot on family types and the Revit Family Editor incorporates distinctive tools that help its users by creating new family types. The tool that is available to Revit users for this purpose is called ‘Family Types tool.’ When it comes to the location of this tool, it is located in the properties panel.
  • For developing different size families ‘Family Types’ tool is optimized by Revit users.
  • Selection of ‘Family Template’ is another concern for Revit users while creating a family but the good thing is that Revit has pre-defined family templates that can be used by its users once they are selected by them.
  • For example, various types of family templates that are accessible to its users include ceiling-based, roof-based and wall-based etc.
  • Family templates are instrumental in contributing information to Revit users in reference to the family created by them.
  • Providing suitable and relevant dimensions to the family is another concerning issue for Revit users and hence Revit Family Editor’s  ‘Dimension tools’ are optimized by them to add permanent dimensions in a family. Though Revit has such a mechanism that it automatically provides dimensions to a family as its users start creating geometry but to add permanent dimensions as per users’ requirement it is crucial to use Revit’s dimension tools.
  • Creation of reference plane is also very important for developing a family and for that its ‘Reference plane’ tool is optimized by users.

So in this way Family Editor is very crucial for Revit users for creating effective Revit families.

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