Key advantages of BIM technology in overall construction phase

Key advantages of BIM technology in overall construction phase

Virtual Construction Modeling aka“BIM technology” has become an indispensable part of the construction industry. BIM is the most upcoming technology that is constantly upgrading itself within the industry and has brought about a massive change in the way a construction process is managed. This technology has brought a change in the way a project is managed, the design is implemented and in the field of facilities management too. BIM modeling process allows Engineers to perform detailed analysis of any building from with a wholesome perspective, right from 3D to 7D.

BIM Modeling services can be utilized extensively in pre-construction as well as post-construction processes. Pre-construction BIM Services provides highly detailed and precise 3D Models which gives other details like 4D (Timeline schedules), 5D (costing) that will represent how the building will look, consume time and total construction cost including material etc. Post construction, this model can also focus on facilities management etc.

Advantages of BIM technology

Let us discuss Key advantages of BIM overall construction phase of a building.

Effective space management

BIM Modeling services help in developing the 3D representation of a building, including interiors, floor plans etc. which depicts space planning. This model helps the Architects in utilizing the space to best possible capacity.  Space Planning and facility management has become extremely cost effective and time bound with the help of BIM services.

Communication and Database management

3D BIM Modeling is usually completed using software like Revit, ArchiCAD etc. which facilitates backend building data management. Since the model is developed digitally there are some databases that are created for materials, components, dimensions etc. These databases can be later used for material take off, quantities and other area calculations required during construction.  One can also share the 3d Model with another BIM Modeller to work simultaneously on the model. Post Modeling, the same digital 3d model can be augmented to provide schedules (4D), costing (5D) and Area calculations/facilities management of a building post construction.

Efficient use of energy

6D components or sustainability optimization analysis of a BIMmodel enables Engineers to create precise sustainable building designs. The purpose of creating a sustainable building design is to construct eco-friendly buildings by utilizing different environmental elements and resources like water, air, sunlight, materials, gas, liquid fuels, etc. properly. So, it helps to reduce unnecessary energy expenses.

Building system visualization

BIM Modeling Services assists viewers with complete 3D visualization and enables viewers to understand the locations and connection details of different building components.

Building lifecycle management

BIM technology plays a vital role in generating and maintaining building lifecycle data for managing construction facilities. Lifecycle data helps engineers as well as building owners to optimize the building’s sustainability and enables them to create effective as-built information.  As-built information helps in saving time and cost when buildings are repaired or renovated.

BIM with a building automation system

3D BIM models and facility’s building automation system can be connected together for controlling sound systems, lighting, fire prevention, HVAC system, piping system, and other automated systems within the building.

BIM has eased the life of building owners in maintaining their building efficiently. BIM, since the time it has been introduced in the market, has been playing a pivotal role in developing the construction industry in several ways. Usage of BIM technology is also growing day by day and many new BIM applications are getting regularly introduced for constructing more robust building structures.

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