How to reduce the file size of a Revit file?

How to reduce the file size of a Revit file?

Is it really possible to reduce the file size of a Revit project? Well, the answer of this question is a huge yes. Of course we can reduce the size of Revit projects but users need to be highly cautious in doing so as it is done by removing all the unnecessary files which are incorporated within it. A Revit project contains enormous files within it which can be deleted by users when they are not any more useful to the project.

Steps that can be taken for reducing the file size of a Revit project

  • The most crucial step in this case is to open the file whose size users want to decrease.
  • The file should be opened by utilizing Audit option. In other words Revit users must open the file by selecting Audit option, whose size they want to reduce.
  • After that they should go to file menu and Click Purge Unused option for deleting unwanted information incorporated within the file. If a file contains too many links within it its size automatically increases.
  • Hence Revit users are suggested to remove all the unnecessary information by approaching Purge Unused dialog box.
  • Apart from this Revit users are required to approach File menu and click Manage links.
  • By clicking on the Manage Links Option, Revit users come across with Manage Links dialog box.
  • Within this dialog box they are required to select all the linked files and delete them.
  • All the CAD files which were linked by Revit users earlier in their project but don’t hold any importance for it now can be deleted by them from the Manage Links dialog box.
  • Similarly, users can delete unwanted linked Revit files and DWF files from the project.
  • Apart from this Revit users can go to File menu and Click on to ‘Raster images’ which opens up Raster Images dialog box.
  •  Users can now delete all the meaningless images by approaching this dialog box which can help in reducing size of the Revit project.
  • Now users are required to save the project with some other name once they have removed unwanted files from it.

In this way, file size can be successfully reduced by Revit users.

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