How to choose a good BIM Partner?

How to choose a good BIM Partner?

There are various advantages associated with Building Information Modelling and it is perhaps one reason why many construction companies are looking at adopting them. However, it is not always easy to migrate from CAD to BIM due to a variety of reasons like lack of skilled manpower, unavailability of technical resources etc. It is in these situations that AEC firms opt to outsource their BIM requirements to third party organizations who specialize in providing comprehensive BIM Services. They have the necessary tools, skills, staff which would enable their partners to outpace their competition. That being said it is also important to choose the right BIM partner as a lot depends on them.

In the current article we will be looking into a few essential points the AEC companies must consider while choosing a BIM partner.

  • Look at specific experience:

It is not just about how long the company has been in business but more about how long have they been providing BIM solutions. Experience matters because the longer they have been operating they not only have more domain specific knowledge, there are also higher chances that they have dealt with projects of different sizes and complexities. This arms them with the right resources and the knowledge to actually tackle problems effectively. Thus, ideally the very first step in choosing the right BIM partner would be to do a thorough check of their industry experience which can be done by an analysis of their portfolio. It allows to establish stability, experience and whether their scope of projects executed meets your requirements.

  • Low rates don’t always lead to profitability:

When it comes to the bottom line cost, low hourly rates might not always be relevant. BIM requires skill, labour and effort and most companies will quote a price which is commensurate with the amount of work that they will put in. Just because a company quotes low hourly rate it will not always mean that they will be able to provide the best results. Moreover, cost depends on two factors the number of hours taken to finish a project and the quoted hourly rate. It is important here to not be lured by low hourly rates but to look at the time taken to finish the project. A company with higher hourly rates might finishing the project in quick time with no errors making the project cost-effective.

  • Accessibility:

Apart from domain specific knowledge and project execution skills it is also important that your BIM partner is accessible to you. Accessibility may in most cases be one point of contact in the form of the project manager who will, irrespective of the time and the number of questions, will always get back to you. The project manager should be available to discuss dispatch schedules, queries regarding the project or simply provide update about the status of the project. They should also be able to arrange meetings with the technical team whenever need arises. Choosing the BIM partners is much about trust, and quick and timely response goes a long way in establishing that trust.

  • Communication:

This is again very crucial when it comes to outsourcing. The project manager who is going to be point of contact as well as the technical team must be fluent in English. Understanding your vision and bringing it to life in a collaborative manner will not be possible if there is no single language of communication. Moreover, it could lead to a lot of information being lost in translation which could affect the quality of the final deliverable.

  • The team:

In order for any company to be successful the quality of their team matters. It is thus important to see whether BIM partner has the right human resources. It would mean talented and knowledgeable architects, engineers and BIM modelers who would be working on your project. Looking at your project size it is important to also know if the company has resources which they can allocate to finish the project in stipulated timeframe. Moreover, it is not always that you look for the company which has the most experienced staff but a company which has the right mix of experience as well as young people who can sometimes think out of the box.


In the increasingly connected world where outsourcing is becoming more common and easy it is imperative that the construction companies are mindful about the company they choose. The above five points could act as a potential guide for AEC companies looking into outsourcing BIM requirements.

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