How BIM helps the General Contractors in easing their works significantly!!!

How BIM helps the General Contractors in easing their works significantly!!!

The 3D BIM coordination model plays a significant role in the budget of the project and schedule even before the actual construction starts. Nowadays, the building information model is notably used in a construction project for performing multiple activities on the construction site and this model helps the design and construction professionals to take appropriate project decisions. Changing the information included within the 3D model also assists the contractors to test the possible budget and schedule impact of the project.

The prime purpose of using a BIM coordination model is it is used for detecting and resolving clashes which basically helps to make the design completely error-free and more effective. When a construction project is executed, the subcontractors must be capable to utilize the model in the construction process. The final step is following all the requirements of COBie.

When a construction project is executed, contractors play an important role in executing the entire project from start to end. In the design phase, contractors also take part in developing the design and they monitor carefully whether the entire design task is going properly or not. The contractor instructs the design team members on how to design the entire build design, what will be the building’s internal and external appearance, etc. Based on the information given by the contractor, the architect first prepares the architectural design of the building.

Then the architectural design is given to the structural engineers and they prepare the structural design based on the given input. After the completion of the architectural and structural design, the MEP engineers develop design for the MEP system. In the next step all three designs i.e. architectural, structural and MEP are integrated together for creating the 3D coordination model.

The 3D coordination model of the building consists of comprehensive information related to the building that assists the contractors to prepare accurate construction plans in an efficient manner. The 5D BIM modeling process also helps the contractors to estimate project costs and predict required materials and other resources in an accurate way.

BIM also assists the contractors to communicate with the design team members, site engineers and other constriction staff efficiently. Hence, BIM helps a lot to contractors to ease their work in a significant manner.

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