Do you know that BIM is considered as the DNA of construction?

Do you know that BIM is considered as the DNA of construction?

BIM is regarded as the DNA of construction by industry experts, though it sounds a little strange it’s true. Building Information Modeling is capable of handling multiple information related to construction and that remains the main reason for its being considered as DNA of construction.  BIM can be considered as the solution of each and every problem concerning building activities. It helps in saving and managing all the crucial information that is used in the construction of buildings. Be it construction drawings or any other documents necessary for the reference of architects and engineers, they all can be preserved safely with the assistance of BIM.

It is absolutely true that none of the construction projects in today’s time can be executed without the implementation of BIM services.

BIM is largely optimized for government projects: The latest reports related to construction industry reveal that BIM has been used excessively in government projects. It has been well realized by governments that they can be benefited highly if BIM is applied to large-scale government projects. Government projects are generally of very complex nature which includes, construction of government institutions like universities and official institutions along with construction of railway stations, highways, flyovers and bridges,etc. These projects are not that easy to execute since a large number of manpower along with crucial resources and technology is required to successfully complete them. These projects should be completed faster and BIM immensely helps in this case.

But since it’s been known world over that BIM successfully manages the entire building process, government authorities are equally surprised by its benefits.

Data can be managed with the support of BIM models: BIM modeling services are executed for every single project today. Nobody wants to go ahead with construction projects without hiring pre-construction BIM services. This is because the importance of Building Information Modeling has been fully understood by contractors and builders across the nations and they know that its use can enhance the productivity.

BIM models which are developed after executing modeling services contain accurate and efficient information that is necessary for engineers when they begin working on the proposed location. Accurate construction drawings which include architectural, structural and MEP drawings can be extracted from relevant building models. The best part is that separate models are created for architecture, structure and MEP systems, this is because different domains can be focused properly by the modelers.

Apart from 3D BIM models, 4D, 5D, 6D and even 7D models can now be availed by construction companies from service providing company. All these different BIM models assist in managing the construction process along with assisting the owners in its maintenance when it is occupied by them. Application of BIM saves a lot of money and time while executing a project.

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