Difficulties that come across while setting up CAD Outsourcing Firm

Difficulties that come across while setting up CAD Outsourcing Firm

It has always been strenuous task to incorporate a business and things get even tougher when it comes to establishing a business in immensely competitive market. Establishing Outsourcing firm is really hard. Outsourcing has become one of the most commonly used phenomena and it comprises of two sorts of processes which are Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing.

CAD and BIM services fall under Knowledge Process Outsourcing in which projects based on the development of design and models of Architectural, Engineering and Construction disciplines. The objective of CAD and BIM outsourcing firm is to deliver exquisite drawings, design and models to the clients. Before getting rolled, such newly established companies have to deal with certain common circumstances which are thoroughly inevitable and inescapable. So let’s go through those difficulties which they confront.


In outsourcing industry, clients remain at the heart of business, so the first and foremost thing is how to get clients. For new companies it is always tough to get the clients especially for CAD companies as they are perceived as less accurate and lacking in exposure. Inception phase of new CAD service provider requires lots of efforts as well persistence. Sometimes in order to get clients, companies have to compromise on the fees which they charge. This approach may lead to an undesired situation where the professional relation between service provider and client can be jeopardized.


Investment matters a lot for any business as it certainly gives life to the business. The scale of investment goes sky-high as to create excellent Design Company has to get best of the class hardware and software in the office. Being newly established CAD service provider, the anxiety to cover up the investment or to reach up to the breakeven point is the utmost priority since they already have invest sumptuous amount. Once you managed to build loyal clientele base, eventually firm start growing but until then the saga of stress and struggle continues.


If we are talking about resources in terms of CAD and BIM outsourcing organization, it simply means software systems as well as CAD & BIM experts. Both of them cost substantially high to the firm. Apart from that the experts who fluently develop the design aren’t easy to get. Even when you get them on board, story doesn’t end here, they are required to get trained and accustomed to the company. So it takes a while before those employees finally get into action and become productive.

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