4D and 5D BIM models are quintessential for construction project

4D and 5D BIM models are quintessential for construction project

It is really difficult for me to highlight the contributions of 4D and 5D BIM for construction as they have provided endless benefits to AEC professionals in terms of project execution. If I talk generally about Building Information Modeling, let me assure you that the entire growth of AEC industry in the last few decades has only been possible due to this uniquely innovative technology. Over the years apart from length, breadth and height other highly important dimensions have been discovered by the experts and they have been added in the models for simplifying and streamlining construction process.

Length, breadth, and height which are fundamental dimensions of a BIM model are now accompanied by ‘time’ making it the fourth dimension. 4D BIM model that is created by design and construction professionals in Revit is used in Navisworks for generating simulation videos. Simulation videos provide in-depth knowledge of the construction process to AEC professionals which help in the actual construction of the building.

Apart from simulation videos construction schedules are also generated by design and construction professionals with 4D BIM. Time and workflow based clashed can be successfully identified by contractors with the help of 4D BIM. Construction schedules are very important for maintaining effective workflow at the construction site as they help contractors in making the availability of all the compulsory materials and resources in the location.

Management of supply chain of materials is very important for improving construction activities.

Gradually one more dimension is added in BIM models and that is ‘cost estimates.’ 5D BIM models have also become an imperative part of project execution strategy which allows construction professionals in estimating accurate cost of a building project. The advanced understanding and awareness of project cost help building stakeholders in optimizing that amount for availing maximum benefits by getting hold of only important materials and resources. Many unnecessary expenses can be avoided by AEC professionals with the support of 5D BIM. By ordering fixed amount of materials and resources AEC professionals and avoid wastage to a great extent.

Hence it becomes clear that 4D and 5D BIM models are highly necessary for AEC professionals.

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