Memorial Hospital

BIM Modeling

Developing a Revit 3D model, encompassing architectural, structural, and MEP aspects for a 24-floor hospital building at Level of Development (LOD) 350.

Project Details

01.Country: USA

02.Disciplines: Architecture,Structure, MEP

03.Software Used: Revit 2021

04.Floors: 14 Floors + Roof

05.Type of Project: Scan to BIM

06.Overall area of the building: 3,06,230 sq. ft.

07.Units of measurement: Imperial

About Our Project

We are extremely thrilled to share our latest architectural project: a groundbreaking Point Cloud-to-BIM model for the Memorial hospital, USA! This project pushed our limits. Tight deadlines and phased client updates with continual design tweaks demanded agility and precision. But in just 4 weeks, we delivered a detailed LOD 350 model, complete with interiors, intricate facades, and comprehensive MEP systems. This project is a testament to our team's expertise and dedication to exceeding expectations.


"We were totally impressed with the deliverables by team Tesla and the ability to withstand deadline pressure. Would definitely want to work with them again."

- Hongjia

Comprehensive BIM Components:

  • Architectural Elements: Façade, Structural elements, Building vertical cores
  • Interior Design: Ceilings, Fixed and movable furniture, Millwork and furniture systems
  • Technical Systems: MEP fixtures, RCP equipment, large hospital and lab equipment

Unwavering Accuracy:

  • Tolerance Consistency: Meticulously maintained across the entire model
  • Point Cloud Alignment: Precise match within +-15mm tolerance
  • Surface Fidelity: Even with minor scan irregularities (up to 1" deviations in scanned walls and floors), the final Revit model will feature clean, orthogonal surfaces.