Why is BIM on cloud important for Construction Industry?

Why is BIM on cloud important for Construction Industry?

The construction industry is largely fragmented with various stakeholders working together to ensure that the final building project is completed on time and under budget. It is a challenging task to ensure that everyone is informed and remains on the same page. With COVID-19 working in collaboration has become even more difficult. Fortunately, in Building Information Modeling, the construction industry already has the tools which has made it possible for them to work remotely and collaboratively. However, with the large projects sizes and the amount of information requested has made a cloud-based repository a necessity. Cloud based BIM is more secure, accessible, allows to identify issues in real time etc. In the current blog we look at the five benefits of BIM on cloud.

  • Accessibility:

With cloud based BIM architects, engineers and designers can access their BIM model from just about anywhere. They are also not restricted to a single tablet, laptop or a computer screen. It means that they don’t need to carry their device everywhere, particularly on the field. This has become especially true now that there are various applications coming up for phone and tablet like BIM 360 Field which allows the AEC professionals to check issues and raise concerns from their phone. All this ultimately increases productivity and convenience of the involved members.

  • Easier Collaboration:

Cloud based collaboration means that professionals do not need to huddle around one screen or roll out big papers whenever they are looking at designs. With cloud-based BIM Services every time a small change is made a new file doesn’t need to be shared with everyone. Moreover, managers and owners can also restrict users and only give permissions to concerned members to ensure better and secure results.

  • More secure:

The cloud services provider today go to great lengths to ensure the security of the data. They understand that even a small breach in their security could cause them to lose a lot business. Additionally, Cloud storage is way safer than storing data on USB or hard drives which can get lost, get corrupted or even fall into the wrong hands.

  • Identity issues quickly:

With BIM on cloud issue resolution has become quite streamlined. The BIM team members don’t need to meet in order to find and resolve issues. They can simply log in and detect issues in the 3D model itself. This is better, accurate and faster than emailing back and forth. Here, it is possible for project managers to simply identify an issue, drop a pin on it and assign it to the concerned person. Moreover, with easy accessibility they can check it irrespective of where they are and resolve it.

  • Mitigates Risk:

The intelligent 3D modeling process already goes a long way in mitigating risk and ensuring safety. For instance, with BIM Coordination Services any errors which could have adverse consequence onsite are detected and resolved in the preconstruction stage itself. Similarly, it can be used to provide better understanding of hazards around the construction site. Cloud based BIM Services only adds to the safety related advantages. Communicating risks and hazards through email or spreadsheets could be slow and not always effective. A cloud based platform on the other hand can manage this by logging all risk related information which can be then communicated to the people concerned. It moreover, notifies the assigned person and ensures that nothing is missed.

Thus, from the above five points we can state that cloud based BIM is a real boon to the construction sector. It increases communication, productivity, reduces errors and ultimately to an efficient and safer design, construction and onsite construction processes.

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    Dhvani Badheka

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