Why are Shop Drawings important in the construction sector?

Why are Shop Drawings important in the construction sector?

Shop Drawings are a technical drawing or a set of drawings that provide accurate descriptions of designs and plans of building or building components that need to be manufactured or prefabricated. They could represent a range of components like steel beams, concrete panels, HVAC ducts, pipes, heating and cooling units etc.

Today in the construction sector modern software like AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks etc. are used to create shop drawings. Using 3D modeling software is the most advantageous as it allows to detect clashes, provides all the necessary information and extract shop drawings that are accurate and lead to smooth manufacturing and construction. From ensuring that components that are fabricated, manufactured and assembled are as per the codes and standards to providing clear information and accounting for components shop drawings are essential in the construction sector. Below we look at its four main advantages:

  • Present Information:

Shop Drawings not just provide a scaled outline of how the product has to be fabricated, installed or assembled but also provides other important information like materials to be used, the dimensions of the each component, details about joints and connections, manufacturer’s details, asset numbers etc. It provides clarity to the fabricators and manufactures about how to produce a component and the ground workers details on how to assemble and install it.

  • Accurate Costing and cost control:

Shop Drawings ensure that there is adequate control over cost. As all the information provided for prefabrication and installation is accurate there will be no errors that cause waste of time and resources which lead to drastic cost changes. It also prevents too much or too less fabrication. Moreover, there is a distinct advantage of using Revit BIM Services as it allows to connect cost related data to the 3D model. Right from the onset it is possible to gain exact cost estimations. Additionally, as cost is connected to the quantity of materials any changes will automatically reflect in the cost.

  • Make corrections before issue:

It would be very expensive and time-consuming to prefabricate a component and then discover that it is of wrong dimensions and doesn’t fit properly. It would either mean alterations or fabricating it again. Here, extracting shop drawings from clash detection very advantages. The clash detection capabilities of the 3D model make it possible to pinpoint design errors, voids or clashes in the preconstruction stage itself. It also means that cost estimates, schedules, quantities extracted from the 3D model are correct. The final shop drawings are extracted only after all clashes are resolved and thus save time and money.

  • Account for components:

In a building project there could be large prefabricated components like elevators, structural steel, balcony support etc. which has a lot of components that need to be assembled onsite. Using shop drawings provides a record of all the parts, joints, etc. which are required to assemble and install the component. Any missing part can be easily detected by referring to the shop drawings. Thus, for the any residential, commercial or infrastructural project precise and detailed shop drawings are of paramount importance. BIM Services India provides high quality BIM, Scan to BIM and Steel Detailing Services. Our 16+ years of experience, a skilled multidisciplinary team and domain specific knowledge provides our client with a competitive edge. We always aim to provide superior deliverables in quick turnaround time.


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