Why are BIM Coordinators important for a successful completion of a BIM Project?

Why are BIM Coordinators important for a successful completion of a BIM Project?

To create a BIM model is a very complex task that involves collaboration between various members like the architects, engineers, designers, technicians etc. It is essential that there is clear distribution of roles and responsibilities to ensure a smooth flow of information from planning and designing to onsite construction. Modern BIM software like Revit Modeling Services with Revit Server, BIM 360 allows for enhanced collaboration and goes a long way in ensuring that all the stakeholders remain on the same page. However, there are some instances in which human intervention is needed. It is here that the BIM coordinator becomes essential.

Below we will be looking at what constitutes a BIM team and then state the roles and skills of the BIM coordinator and why they are important for the successful completion of a project.

What makes a BIM Team?

A BIM team is made up of a lot of members whose contribution is indispensable for the successful completion of any project. Firstly, there is the BIM manager who looks after the entire BIM team. In smaller organization there is a single or at the most two BIM managers who look after the BIM team and projects. In the larger organization there can be multiple BIM managers who report to the BIM Director who looks after multiple projects and teams from one central location. Then there are the BIM modelers or BIM technicians who are in charge of creating the 3D model. They can be from different backgrounds like architectural, structural, engineering etc.  The connecting link between these members as well as between the BIM team and the clients is the BIM coordinator.

Who is a BIM Coordinator?

The BIM Coordinator is in charge of leading the team and coordinating the process of creating the intelligent 3D model from client communication to work allocation. They have to ensure that the final BIM model is delivered on time and without errors.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the BIM Coordinator?

The role of the BIM coordinator starts as soon as the project is approved. From project onboarding the BIM coordinator will communicate with the client and get the exact requirements based on which the 3D model will be created. Then BIM coordinator must create the BIM execution plan along with the BIM manager which clearly outlines the client requirements, states the roles and responsibilities of each member, states the software and hardware requirements and also mention the company standards and procedures that must be followed. The timeline must also be stated with realistic milestones. Throughout the project the BIM coordinator becomes the go to person for any problems regarding sharing and aggregation of data, inconsistent information etc. They are also in charge of keeping the client updated about the project status on a regular basis. Finally, they must also ensure that the final deliverables are sent after the necessary quality checks are carried out.

What are the skills of a good BIM Coordinator?

Looking at the roles and responsibilities of the BIM Coordinator there are some skills which are essential for this job. First and foremost are good interpersonal skills. Right from the start, they need to create an environment of trust for the client and assure them that their project is indeed in safe hands. They must also be able to explain the project details and requirements clearly to the BIM modelers who will be working on the project. They should be keen observers and be able to recognize the skills, strengths and weakness of the team and allocate work accordingly. Since they are the go-to person for the most problems they should not lose their cool under difficult situation and be able to think out of the box to figure out innovating solutions. They should be motivators and educators providing the team encouragement to work harder so that the BIM models can be created on time. They should also be enthusiastic to learn new advancements taking place in technology and construction sector so that they can pass along the same information to the team.

Why are BIM Coordinators important for a successful project completion?

BIM Coordinators are the link between the client and the modelers and if they are not able to understand and clearly communicate the requirements of the client to the team then it could lead to a rework and consequently a major waste of time. In the highly competitive world of BIM Services client satisfaction is important and any errors could potentially break the trust of the client. They essentially hold the key to the success of the project as they determine who does what, what work should be done when, how any given situation will be handled, etc. They also ensure that everything is on track, all the right protocols are being adhered to and that the final deliverables are up to the mark.

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