What kinds of usability enhancements have been made to the latest version of Revit?

What kinds of usability enhancements have been made to the latest version of Revit?

Revit, which has been proved a highly successful Autodesk creation, is used worldwide by design and construction professionals for developing high-end building design that appropriately matches owners’ expectations. The major strength of this software is that it is really convenient to handle, which leads to the fast progress of the project. Its user friendly features and tools empower AEC professionals in accomplishing their task quickly. Autodesk has always been very keen in simplifying and enhancing the usability of this software and the latest version of Revit allow its users to perform their work in a much better way.

Usability improvements in Revit 2015

  • If in case users had to trim an item using Revit 2014, they had to specifically select that item for trimming. Though the multiple Trim/Extend tool was utilized by users for this purpose but they still had to deal individually with an item for making adjustments to it in terms of trimming it.
  • But a totally new mechanism has been included in Revit 2015 for doing this task, wherein multiple elements can be selected with the assistance of a window which require trimming.
  • When it comes to referring 2D details, Revit 2015 greatly helps its users with this by allowing them to use section and elevation tools and this was not that convenient in the previous versions of Revit.
  • Apart from this improvements have also been made in the implementation of Revision clouds.
  • With Revit 2015, defining boundary of revision clouds have become very convenient as users can optimize a variety of drawing  tools for this purpose which include  arcs, polygons, lines and rectangles etc.
  • When it comes to tagging elements in Revit projects, variety of improvements have been made in Revit’s features regarding this. Earlier it was quite difficult to handle their movement on sheets but with the assistance of Revit 2015, behavior related to tagging can be effectively managed by users.
  • Revit 2014 included a double click option for activating a view, for providing convenience to users while working on sheets. Now Revit 2015 includes a double click option for deactivating the view.

All the above mentioned improvements in usability provide huge convenience to users.

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