What kind of information can be obtained from a BIM model?

What kind of information can be obtained from a BIM model?

BIM models developed during preconstruction are used by all building stakeholders for some or the other reasons for the simple fact that they contain highly important information concerning the project in hand. Information related to every step that is taken by design and construction professionals for constructing a building is stored in 3D BIM models. Hence all the information that is used in design, drafting and modeling can be extracted from BIM models.

Apart from this various other calculations can be done with the assistance of the information that is available in multidiscipline models. For example energy consumptions of the building can be calculated by BIM experts with the help of data incorporated in 3D models.

Different kind of information that can be extracted from 3D models

  • Detailed geometrical information can be obtained by AEC professionals from a 3D model that is generated by them in Revit.
  • Highly accurate construction drawings can be extracted by design and construction professionals from BIM models after clash detection services are executed.
  • Much more reliable information is contained in construction drawings which are extracted from BIM models when compared to information that is incorporated in the drawings that are generated by CAD drafters during drafting process.
  • With the help of BIM models design and construction professionals can effectively calculate structural load, load handled by HVAC systems and other MEP systems.
  • Load calculations done with the assistance of the information stored in BIM models helps in the development of effective building design. That means by doing load calculations, energy efficient building design is created by BIM modelers.
  • The data related to load calculations is used largely in fabrication process for manufacturing high end building components.
  • When it comes to creating bill of materials for the assistance of contractors as well as other building stakeholders it can be easily generated with the help of BIM models.
  •  Correct cost of the project is estimated by BIM experts by using bill of materials and material takeoffs.
  • Information captured in building information models is also used extensively by facility managers for facility management.
  • In short apart from everything else BIM models contain sufficient information which allows architects and engineers in seamless construction.

So there is no denying the fact that building information models incorporate some of the most crucial information in them for the use of AEC professionals.

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