What is the most effective way of organizing identified collisions in Navisworks?

What is the most effective way of organizing identified collisions in Navisworks?

For flawless construction which is largely becoming popular in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry today, we should not forget to give credit to cutting-edge tools such as Navisworks Manage and Revit, which are important for the creating and bettering the quality and standard of building design.  Navisworks Manage includes a high-end system for identifying, organizing, evaluating and resolving clashes from multidiscipline Revit files. AEC professionals have to make efficacious use of the tools which are contained in Navisworks Manage for handling clashes.

Use the following tips for handling the identified collisions in Navisworks

  • There are extensive options which can be used by Navisworks users for managing and organizing a huge number of element collisions which are determined during clash detection.
  • Buttons accommodated in results area can be utilized for grouping and ungrouping identified clashes, which can minimize the doubts of design and construction professionals when it comes to providing solutions to them.
  • For example, if Navisworks Mange users want to develop a new clash group for combining all similar clashes in a group, they have to use the icon called New Group for doing so.
  • That means the new clash group can only be created if ‘New Group’ icon is selected by design and construction professionals from the result area of Clash Detective tool.
  • The icon named as ‘Group’ should be used by Navisworks users for developing a group out of selected clashes. In this way a new folder can be developed by users which contain a new clash group.
  • The ‘Remove From Group’ icon or option dismantles the selected clashes from a group. That means if users want to remove a few clashes from a previously generated group, they can use Remove From Group option for doing so.
  • On the other hand when it comes to dismantling the entire group of clashes, Navisworks Mange users can make use of the icon named as Explode Group. With the help of this option, the entire clash group can be ungrouped by users.
  • If Navisworks users want to remove the clash test results without affecting the settings they can use ‘Reset’ button for this purpose.
  • For showing the clashes that are associated to the elements presently selected by users, in the view they can use Filter by Selection option.
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