Process of creating subcategories for a family in Revit

Process of creating subcategories for a family in Revit

Before describing how to develop subcategories for a family in question, it is really important for us to understand what exactly family subcategories are. Well, a family subcategory is developed by Revit users for controlling line pattern, line color, line weight and geometry material that is assigned to a family in question. In other words, family subcategories are created by the design team for governing the display of different geometric components associated with a family.

Whenever family subcategories are defined by users they are required to specify its cut pattern materials and surface for the sake of having a drafting pattern. The model pattern can never be applied by Revit users to a family.  As far as drafting pattern is concerned Revit users must know that only flat and cylindrical surfaces can have it.

When family geometry is created by users’ suitable components must be assigned to family subcategories. Though there is no dispute over the fact that Revit incorporates predefined subcategories for some families. But then there a lot of families for which predefined subcategories are not available in Revit and hence users have to create subcategories for those families.

The process of creating family subcategories

  • For creating family subcategories in Revit its users have to click on to ‘Manage’ tab then to ‘Setting panel’ and finally to ‘Object styles.’
  • Users are then required to select a family category. A family category can be selected by users by approaching ‘Model Objects’ tab that is located in “Object Styles’ dialog under ‘Categories panel.’
  • After that Revit users are required to click ‘New’ under Modify Subcategories.
  • Users are then suggested to enter a new name, for ‘Name’ in the new Subcategory Dialog.
  • Revit has such a mechanism that it automatically selects a suitable category for the subcategory in question.
  • After this users must click the ‘OK’ button.
  • Users are also required to assign line pattern, line color, and line weight etc. for the subcategory.
  •  Values must be assigned for line pattern; line color and line weight etc. after which users are suggested to click ‘OK.’ This finally completes our process of creating family subcategories for a family in question.

In this way, appropriate family subcategories can be created by Revit users. Check out our Revit family creation services now

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