Point cloud to BIM Modelling for Architectural, Structural and MEP

Point cloud to BIM Modelling for Architectural, Structural and MEP

The construction industry constantly witnesses changes that are positive. Last decade has indeed been a year of transformation with many new and effective techniques coming into play. Today we can talk about one such technology that has eased out renovation and retrofit projects to a great extent. Laser scanning techniques have brought new opportunities for survey companies by giving them an edge of combining the surveys of already constructed building with as built modeling.

Introduction to laser scanning

Laser scanning defines the process of capturing the “building data” through the means of point clouds. The scanning process is completed through laser scan equipment’s and acts as a substitute for manual surveying. Scanning process is much quicker than conducting manual surveys. The dependency on survey technicians also reduce to a great extent with the help of laser scanning techniques. Some advantages that survey companies globally can avail by using laser scanning is as under

  • Detailed capturing of building data is possible from multiple angles
  • Manual intervention is reduced resulting in overall productivity of resources
  • Cost effective approach
  • Quick processing of data
  • Ability to convert scan into reverse construction process such as As built modeling, Construction Drawings, 3D rendering etc.

We can scan any existing physical objects to later convert them into 3D models or drawings. Point Cloud to BIM Services are extremely useful for renovation projects. After the complete formation of the 3D point cloud, these data can be exported to CAD and BIM for creating 2D CAD drawings, plans, Elevations, Sections, 3D BIM & CAD models etc.

Laser scanning technique facilitates field technicians and Engineers to scan objects up to several hundred meters.

Scan to BIM Services Utilization across different service disciplines

Architectural point cloud to BIM Modelling:  Building exteriors and interiors along with site designing can be scanned and converted into detailed Architectural 3d models. Scan to BIM Services are availed by survey companies who are into the business of renovation and retrofit of buildings. These companies can invest in a couple of scanners and get the manual process replaced to bid for larger and profitable projects. With the help of laser scanners larger areas can be scanned and existing design model can be created to understand and implement new proposed design post renovation. Precise As built data can be attained and converted into existing data models with dimensions.

Structural Point cloud to BIM ModellingWe can scan the building deep enough to expose columns, beams, connections, foundation slabs etc. These structural components are scanned to analyze the existing conditions of the buildings. It becomes easier to determine the new changes based on the existing structural Model. Scan to BIM Services for structural discipline also requires engineering inputs from Structural Design Engineers however this comes at a later stage. This process saves a lot of time and is cost effective as manual survey is no longer required.

MEP point cloud to BIM ModellingScan to BIM Services for MEP discipline helps in understand the current situation of the MEP systems and any changes that needs to be made to the existing designs. In lot of instances, it has been observed old buildings have too much issues in the plumbing and drainage areas. These areas may be damaged in older buildings and need repair. Such As built models come handy for maintenance and reconstruction purposes.

Conclusion: 45% of the survey companies today are going ahead with investment of laser scan equipment looking at the benefits it has to offer. Survey companies only have to invest in scanners, the point cloud to BIM conversion process can be outsourced to BIM service providers in India. BimservicesIndia.com is one of the best scan to BIM companies in India with a track record of executing over 100 point cloud to BIM modeling projects.

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