Point cloud modeling: Significance of BIM software in developing as-built models

Point cloud modeling: Significance of BIM software in developing as-built models

Before getting into the significance of BIM software in developing as-built models, I would like to through some light on the concept of reverse engineering and its importance in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries. In the context of the construction industry, reverse engineering can be defined as the extraction of geometrical information from existing buildings or structures for the sake of reproducing and restoring them in better conditions. That means the execution of renovation, retrofit, and refurbishment projects falls within the definition of reverse engineering, provided the fact that they use as-built information for modifying the building.

To extract clear or unambiguous as-built information from the buildings and structures which have been constructed long back, surveyors have to use high-definition laser scanners. That means applications of laser scanning technology have become a must when it comes to surveying a building accurately.

Importance of BIM software in developing as-built models

  • With the support of the right software solution such as Revit, phenomenal as-built BIM models can be developed with enormous speed, provided the fact that accurate laser-scanned data remains available to BIM technicians.
  • The data extracted at the time of the survey process can be effectively processed or indexed in Building Information Modeling software systems after which it can be referred for developing parametric models for architecture, structure, and MEP.
  • Exclusive details in terms of building geometry are obtained by Building Information Modelers from laser-scanned data (point cloud data), which allows them to create error-free as-built models.
  • Before the laser-scanned data is actually used in the execution of point cloud modeling services, it is effectively converted into .rcp and .rcs files.
  • So these are the files that are linked by BIM modelers in their current projects when they have to develop as-built models for architecture, structure, and MEP.
  • The process of converting raw laser scanned data into .rcp and .rcs files is really crucial for the effective accomplishment of point cloud modeling services.

There are quite a few other software solutions (such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, and Allplan which can also be used for developing as-built models for renovation and retrofit projects, but Revit falls within the category of top BIM software.

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